Are You Enjoying the Journey?

5 years ago

When you think of your current career path - whether employee or entrepreneur - are you enjoying it? Or are you plugging away striving for that next milestone?

Because as the wise Ferris Bueller once said - "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." And if you only keep your nose to the grindstone as you try to "arrive" or "climb the ladder" you will miss it.

I can remember way back in my earliest career experiences before I had even graduated from college. I was offered some wonderful opportunities to work in public accounting. Back then it was the "Big 6" and the holy grail for hyper-competitive accounting grads like me. The problem was that even to my twenty year old self, I didn't want to do that. While it seemed anathema to everyone...parents, counselors, teachers... I said no to all of it. Don't ask me why because I'm not a morbid kind of gal, but all I could think was - I don't want to spend 3-4 years immersed in a job that travels 98% of the time and works a million hours. I wanted time for athletics, playing my guitar, and seeing friends and family. I literally used to think - but what if I am not alive 3-4 years from now? I would not have felt that it was a "small price to pay" for the resume item.

Needless to say no one was really buying my rationale and I was called depresso on more than one occasion (what do you MEAN you won't be alive in 3 years, you're 21!). Yet as we all know from being part of the BlogHer community and the diversity within it... tomorrow is promised to no one and everyone's path is different AND valid. So I ended up in an accounting job for a private corporation. While that wasn't exactly fun it did enable me to have a more normal schedule. It gave me space in which to grow up, not just sit at a desk in a different city on a different week for 12-15 hours a day.

This question as to whether you are enjoying the journey (or not) applies throughout our many phases of career life. It's always up to us whether or not that answer is yes. It's not always as easy as it seems.

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Case in point, when I took the plunge to self-employment, the journey started over again. As I will share throughout the Roadmap to Self-Employment series, on more than one occasion I have creating a miserable journey for myself. And, when you're self-employed and you're working for a slave driver, you have no one else to blame. That is why I am always checking in with myself regularly (sometimes every single day) and asking - am I enjoying the journey? Am I liking what I am doing? Do I like who I AM? Or, am I trying to be someone I am not?

Whether you have the freedom to be the boss or not, you can influence the answers to these questions. I personally was able to turn around my working situation (when I was working in a VERY unsavory situation) simply by taking personal responsibility for my choices, what I was feeling, and how I approached each day. We all have more choices than we're willing to acknowledge most of the time.

So, whether you take a crazy day like our friend Bueller or find more understated ways to find your joy...

What are you going to do today to rejoice in the journey?

Your career and business is here for a reason and it's not so that you can work hard and feel unhappy. Choose some joy on the path today because there is no such thing as "arriving".

How do you find joy in the journey along your career path? Would love to hear your stories of any shape or size in the comments....

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