Are You an Accident Gawker and/or Watcher Of Gruesome Videos?

Fascination and horror allures from the road/freeway or videos on the Internet: an accident on the highway draws your attention to look because you notice that it’s a gruesome sight *shiver*—a car is squashed like an accordion and a body on the ground and blood is visible *gag*. You are the curious type, so you slow to a snail-crawl (needlessly and dangerously holding-up traffic) to gawk. Possibly you shriek—Gross...! Yuck...!! OMGosh!!!—and some impulsively holler obscenities, a natural and uncontrolled reaction.

Why are we compelled to look?

Perhaps it is the title of a video on the Internet that grabs your attention, and all you need do is “click” and follow the link to see. But you are immediately warned to view with “caution,” you will see “graphic” pictures; and yet you click to watch. And though you gasp with horror at what you see, you continue to watch, it holds you captive as if it were a marvel.

These days, via the Internet, videos of all kinds are available for free viewing: funny, sad, musical entertainment and real life horror. You are warned to “view with discretion”: a magician’s trick goes awry and a man’s head is set on fire. You may have found a video of a person that has been abducted, it shows the person pleading for their life, or worse happens to them....and so you can’t help but watch.

I am amazed, no, horrified, and even outraged and embarrassed at our behavior to be so blatantly curious. For most, it is not out of a need to be involved and to help, but simply to be fed the horror and the morbid.

Again I ask, Why?!

My curiosity, by the way, is never enough for me to want to see; I tend to look away if there is nothing that I could personally do to help. And I don’t want to live with the images of what I’ve seen for the rest of my life. So I don’t watch.

Are you the type that is compelled to watch?

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