April Showers Bring EARTH MONTH

10 years ago

It's April now, which means that it's officially spring. (I know: spring officially begins in March. But does anyone actually buy that? APRIL is the month of daffodils and crocuses and spring rain and green.) Which means gardening and spring cleaning and breathing in the fresh clean goodness of an earth renewing itself. Which means: EARTH MONTH.

Earth Day itself is actually April 22, but the idea of making concerted springtime efforts toward aiding the earth in its renewal (and/or doing what we can to stop or slow down those things that impede the earth's renewal) has been such an intuitively compelling one that April has really become Earth Month. And in Canada, we really get into Earth Month, not least because we're all jacked up on maple syrup after sap season, and feelin' pretty lovey about our trees, maple and otherwise

BlogHers Act Canada, of course, is jumping into April/Earth Month with all feet. April is Encouraging Your Kids To Be Green Month, because that whole renewal/regeneration of the earth thing? That really relies upon new generations of human beings who have concern for the environment - our kids' generation. We can turn out the lights all we want, recycle all the bottles and plastic that we want, reduce and reuse all we want -ETC - but unless we teach our children the value and virtue of doing these things - unless we instill in them a commitment to doing these things, Earth Months and other such inspiring and hopeful initiatives will only be sustained through our own lifetimes. Which are really insufficient to the task of aiding the Earth in maximizing her lifetime, seeing as that lifetime so exceeds - or, should exceed - our own.

So for the month of April, we're asking the following questions: how do you encourage your kids to be green? What are you doing to instill a love of the Earth and a concern for its fate? How do you make eco-friendly activity fun for your family? Share your stories and ideas with us - leave your comments here, or, better, write posts and link to BlogHersAct Canada - and we'll share them throughout the month. (Note: you don't need to be a parent to participate. Aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends - anyone who is interested in encouraging eco-enthusiasm in children is welcome - encouraged - to participate.) (Another note: you don't need to be Canadian. BlogHer Act Canada's eco-challenges are spearheaded by Canadians, but directed to the wooooorld

Need ideas? Check out this site - EcoKids - for tips on getting kids involved with Earth Day, Earth Month, and an Earth lifetime. Wanna really be inspired? Check out their EcoKids blog, written by kids, for kids and parents, about strategies for getting and staying eco-inspired. It's wonderful.

(Hey! Get your kids to start an eco-blog! Or make it a family eco-blog! That? Would be super cool. If any of you do that - or know of such blogs already - let me know IMMEDIATELY.)

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