April Fools' Day: Feeling Pranky?

5 years ago

Happy April Fools' Day! Finally, a (sort-of) holiday which requires no obligatory cooking or shopping, unless there are serious hijinx involved. While history notes that April 1 and foolishness are tied together as far back as 1392, serious prankage and prankity have only grown in modern times - even the White House plays along.

Of course, every prank needs a victim and that is usually my role - you're welcome! You too? Well, this might just be the year when we turn the tables and pre-prank or post-prank when they least expect it. In fact, most pranksters have finished their stunts by mid-day so there is plenty of time to launch our plan.

Image: SashaW via Flickr


Some ideas:

Water Bottle Prank

Condiments Prank

Various Office Pranks - Germinate Your Co-Workers Keyboard! Fill the Boss's Office with Styrofoam Peanuts! Cover Cubicles With Sticky Notes!

Really Gross Sneezing Prank (plus a few other gems)

Jelly Donut Switcharoo

But if you're a bit crazed and have some tweezers, try the Fortune Cookie prank.

For more ideas, check out YouTube, but you better hurry because tonight at midnight they will no longer be accepting any more videos until 2023.

What is your favorite April Fools' Day prank? Please share your ideas or embarrassing tales in comments. Good luck, Fools!


~Heather Clisby

BlogHer Section Editor, LIFE & GREEN; Proprietor, ClizBiz and Second Chance Ranch



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