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7 years ago

"Man, that was a difficult labor!" That was the husband, yesterday, after we left the store with my new iPhone. He's right. It took me nearly a year decide what phone to get. Why the hesitation? A bunch of reasons but mostly because I think the cell-phone industrial complex is evil, evil, evil. That's a story for another time.

Paranoia aside, the gadget seems like kind of a miracle after my 6 year old Nokia, the winner in many "who has the oldest cell phone" contests. And for travel, well... everyone and their cousin says for travel, the iPhone is a godsend. I promptly loaded TweetDeck, Yelp, and a little thing called Polarizer that makes your snaps look like Polaroids -- all free. Then I headed to the web to find out who thinks I should put what on my phone.

  • Road Trips for Families has the 10 Best iPhone Apps for Toddlers and Kids -- games and educational diversions for the little person in your midst. I applaud either the financial solvency of the parent or the motor control of the child who can use these as if you think I'm handing my new iPhone to a toddler, you are out of your mind. And I can appreciate the idea of a animated diversions, especially on the airplane. Though I confess, I'm tempted to load one or two of these in case my travels find me seated next to a young restless person.
  • Januted has The Five Best iPhone Apps For Travel Photography. As a devoted photographer, I'm attracted to all these toys -- code that stitches panoramas, code that makes tiltshift images, lots more. Fun, fun, fun.
  • Traveling Mom goes practical with Useful iPhone Apps For Travel -- her list includes a bathroom finder. To that I say: download now.
  • Boarding Area's Flying with Fish has Fish’s Top Five iPhone Apps for Travel -- it's full of nerdy airplane geek type stuff, but also includes, for your worst case scenario, "iMedJet’s FREE iPhone App ... your guide to potentially helping save another person’s life." Yikes. Okay.
  • Matador Goods posted 10 Cheap (Or Free) iPhone Apps For Travelers -- and included the amusing yet risky Saucy Phrase Book. I hope it includes, "Hello, I am showing you my iPhone because yes, I am that annoying person now."

It's a wonderland of possibilities, I can see that. I haven't even mentioned downloadable city guides, walking tours, wifi sniffers, and then endless array of amusements to keep you occupied while you're stuck in the airport/subway/generic hotel out on the parkway by the mall.

I'm still poking around, after all, the baby just came home yesterday. So why don't you tell me, travelers? What saved your life when you couldn't find a kosher dinner, a connecting flight, or how to get the subway to your friend's place? What's on YOUR phone?

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