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5 years ago

Anne Kimball

Life on the Funny Farm

I've started back to work.
See, back in my life BK (Before Kids) I used to be an Occupational Therapist.
But then after my 2nd baby was born, I went whole hog with this parenting gig.
And I've kept at it for 15 years.
And with college on the too-near-for-comfort horizon, Mama needs to put some money in the bank.
We always meant to start college accounts for the kids, but then we would always need a new hot water heater, or four new tires, or a horse would colic or the refrigerator would die or just, you know, life, life, and more life.
But now I've got a senior, a junior, and a freshman, and that's just the oldest three.
Now, lucky for me, I was able to get my license back with relatively little pain, and I found a job doing home health care.
Home health care is my favorite.
And I can wear scrubs if I want.
Hello, if I want?
Are you kidding me? I was wearing scrubs as pajamas, so do I want to wear my pajamas to work?
Well heck to the yes, mister man! to be read with a nasal midwestern accent
So now I'm working per diem, in my pajamas, about 15 - 20 hours a week.
And it's all quite convenient.
I get up at about 5:20, make breakfast for the five older kids and see them onto the bus. Then I get Daniel up and get him to school by 9 and head off to work. See a few clients, do a lotta paperwork (which is all digital now, and the bane of my existence), and get back to Daniel's school by 3 to pick him up. Then I get home and it's the usual ratrace of taking kids for driving lessons, helping with homework, soccer practice, carpools, overseeing chores, making dinner, taking care of critters, etc,
et friggin cetera.
Anyway, I'll get used to it.
And the paychecks, even though I'm not working a whole lot of hours, are SWEET.
After so many years of doing pretty dang hard work and not getting paid one red cent for it, it is really nice to see a paycheck, with hundreds of dollars typed into the little box with MY name on it.

That feels good.
Almost makes up for my complete and utter exhaustion.

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