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Today's prompt is about careers. If I were instantly qualified, what job would I do.

When I was young, like in 6-9th grade, I wanted to be a trial lawyer. When I was in high school, I wanted to be in politics. I declared my major, as a freshman in college. Psychology. I promptly changed it my second semester to Italian with a minor in Political Science. Now my career was going to be working in U.N. as an interpreter.

Well life jumped in my way a few times and I accepted an offer from Estee Lauder and moved to NYC to conquer the cosmetics world.

I have been suffering...mostly quietly... (?), with a chronic, progressively debilitating, disease for 35 years. It has consumed more of my life and taken more options away from me than I can count. In some ways, I guess I should have been a Doctor. Many days I feel super OVER qualified for that career.

As a happily married, 50 year old mother of two young girls, I guess I can HONESTLY say that the only career I want to be "instantly" qualified for is the one I have.

I am allowed to do whatever I want for 6 hours every day. Most days it includes writing. Which I deeply love. I have a MAJOR influence on the shaping of two, soon-to-be young women. I am always trying to be a good wife. I have good friends. I love my sisters. My husband adores me.

I have a mind for business and a bod that has endured a multitude of sins. People ask me for advice. I follow politics. I can argue my point intelligently and usually successfully. My makeup is almost always flawless.

Everything I have ever done in my life, career wise, is used in my daily life. I am lucky.

I do not ever wish for what I don't have. I rarely say, "if only...”

So there is no such thing as "any job", because life...especially or EVERY JOB...

every day....teacher, lawyer, doctor, psychologist, artist, businesswoman, lover, mommy, chef...etc.

Fully embraced by me.

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