The Answer to Creating A Holiday of Your Choosing

5 years ago

We are entering a complicated time.  It's the holiday season– whoosh, zap, run,go.  It's the darkest month-  dark when we wake, dark when get out of work- our blood feels like mud and caffeine becomes our constant companion.  This is the time when we are over extended emotionally, financially, socially, spiritually.  This is the month when the darkness slows our metabolism.  There's a colossal trick of nature, just when we need to be working at optimum speed, clear headed in order to choose between the blue sweater or the boots for Sally Sue, clear hearted to fight the noise and the parties, we want to sleep.  There is a solution.  Its the season of air.  Its the season of the third chakra.  Its the season to listen.  We must first listen to ourselves.

In her book,The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, Dr. Christiane Northrup warns that:

"If you don't act on your innermost dreams and desires now and instead hold them in – USUALLY OUT OF FEAR OF DISRUPTING OR UPSETTING FAMILY MEMBERS-then you're apt to have a much harder time with menopausal symptoms,  But that's not all.  You'll also be setting yourself up for health problems down the road".  Conclusion, stop doing all for others and begin to do for ourselves.  How?  It begins with listening.  Nature has set this time aside for listening.

It's in the air, sound travels further in the cold.

It's dark all the time, to travel well in the dark we need to listen to our environment as we travel.

Listen to our hearts and spirits, not the sound of bells, holiday music, endless wish lists of our children, the parties, the recipes, the ring of the  kitchen timer for the hundredth batch of cookies, the..list goes on and on. The antidote for the craziness of the season is our ears.

The answer is to simply pause and listen.  Let your ears reach out to the furthest sound you can hear.  Identify it.  Listen to it, then  see if you can hear anything further.  Listen.  Let you ears and mind stretch to what's furthest then gradually begin to listen to what's closer, then what sound is closer than that.  Keep identifying the sounds closer and closer to you until you can hear your heart.  Don't think just listen.  No mantras.  Just listen… listen to the rhythms of your body.  Listen for your desires.  Listen as though you were listening to your child's deepest secret.  Listen to yourself without judgment as though you were listening to the fears and sorrows of a critically ill friend.  Just Listen.

We can't negotiate the demands of the next few weeks unless we are conscious of what we want.  We/I can't negotiate the tons of mixed signals and feelings unless we know how we feel.  We/I can't know how I feel unless I'm willing to listen to myself.  Once we hear what our hearts want, there's no going back.  It's up to us to make what we've heard happen and why can't we,  after all we have the capacity to make "it" happen for everyone else.  Why not for us?  Why not now?

Don't be afraid, I'll bet what you want is a lot simpler and much more doable than what you're afraid you want.  Maybe we/I need to say "no", not all the time, but once or twice.  Maybe we want to spend less time in the mall and more time at home…or just the opposite.

This is for sure though, there will be lots to hear and do this season, begin by listening to yourself. Our hearts sing a beautiful song.

Blessed Be,

Granny Beth

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