Another One Bites The Dust...

6 years ago

While I was on vacation with my husband in Atlantic City, something really began bugging me: my earring. It's located in the upper part of my cartilage and the piercing itself is called, "The Rook." When I got it at 18, I loved it--despite the fact that I couldn't sleep on that side of my head for nearly two months. But I had no tattoos at the time and I loved getting neat piercings in my ears, unique from other people's. I also had my belly button pierced as well as a second double piercing in my cartilage.

About a year ago, I took out my belly button piercing. I felt like it looked juvenile, and it always made my stomach look bigger than it was as it jutted out of my shirts. I was getting too old to look so young.... and so too went the way of my other cartilage piercing a few months later when it started to bother me. But I had held on to my Rook piercing because I still liked it.

After wearing my wig on Halloween night, I got this familiar feeling in my ear often associated with wearing hats: my piercing was hurting. This time, though, the pain was more obnoxious than I ever remember it being... I think it was because I wore a hat the one night, and the wig the next. But whatever the case was, I had enough. I wanted to enjoy a long life of wearing hats! So, on a nondescript day in 2010, I took it out and saw the hole in the top of my ear... just as I see the hole in my belly button where a piercing used to be. 

The holes that were once body piercings don't bother me, per say, but at the same time, as I took out this very last unusual piercing I had, I felt a little twinge. My heart quickened--a bit of anxiety. I bit the dust. The phase had passed. Now the only two piercings I have are in my ear lobes. I will always remember the piercings that were, and what they represented to me at the time: freedom, liberation, and a little excitement of pain! But I don't think I will ever miss them in the true sense of the word. I also read that if you have ear piercings, especially in the upper portions of hard cartilage, it can have negative effects on your immune system, so I guess I am feeling much more healthy these days!

Do I have any regrets? Just one; the scar on my stomach from the belly button piercing... but I assume it will get smaller with time, and eventually, perhaps, I won't even notice it.  I am sure that if I didn't get the piercing to begin with, I would want it now... in fact, I still sometimes long for a nose piercing, but when I look at that tiny hole in my belly button area, I think, I better not get that nose piercing--ever.

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