Animal Communication, Pictures, and Ethics

8 years ago

The Talk2theAnimals Blog offers a weekly animal communication practice session every Friday.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to Talk2theAnimals and practice individual animal communication skills in a safe and secure environment, your own home.

Each post has a picture of the animal.  I debated whether or not to pictures of the animals, but I finally decided that animal communication students would find it easier to work from a picture.  To protect the identity of the domesticated animals that have helped us, I did not post their names or biographical information in the post.

However, I continued to worry about the propriety and ethics of using the animals' photographs to benefit a human practice.  Then I received this thoughtful blog comment from Kathy:

“I am just wondering whether these model animals are troubled by the fact that too many people are communicating with them in a short period of time?  Will that disturb them too much?  Imagine we receive many phone calls in a day from strangers asking us questions…”

Those are all great questions and Kathy articulated so well what I had been worrying about.

My basic philosophy as an animal communicator is “When in doubt, Talk2theAnimals.” It goes right along with my “it takes a village” philosophy.

So I went into meditation.  Here’s what I got from the animal kingdom:

You are not giving us animals credit.  We hear your fretting, we hear your concern, yet when you think like that you are not giving us the due that is ours.

It is not up to you to decide what the next stage is in animal communication, or to hold such a tight control over who does what in animal communication.  You may think you are protecting us, and we have no doubt that you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart, but, it is not up to you to set the stage for our talks with humans, we will do that.

We have heard you talk many times of power with the animals, instead of power over the animals.  That is good, and it is a message that we animals have requested that you deliver.  But what you need to realize is that when you develop a relationship of connection with us animals, you have given up your right--meaning what you and most other humans take as your inalienable right--to have control over what develops as a result of both relationship and circumstance.  When you develop a relationship of true connection and consciousness with us animals, we have the freedom to be who we truly are, and you have the freedom to be who you truly are.  It is only when each of us is truly ourselves that authentic connection can propagate.

Little Sister, do not worry that it is too much for us animals to have our photos put up.  We know how to say no and to mean it.  If an animal does not wish to speak, they will not speak.  It simply means nothing more or less than they are not speaking.

If someone wants to talk with us, yet is not ready to hear our entire message, they will hear what they need to hear, which, for them, will be the entire message.

Little Sister, this is part of the lesson that you and many others have to learn about animal communication.  Over time, learning to speak to the animals will come to most people, as this is a very natural state of being, to which humans are returning.  The harder lesson for humans will be the release of what they unconsciously perceive as their control.  We animals are here to help, we animals are ready to speak, we animals are willing to be your teachers.  Go tell, Little Sister.

There you have it, straight from the animal kingdom.  Until I hear otherwise from the animals, I will continue to post the photographs.  In the meantime, I will be looking for ways to release the need to control--with that release I will find relief.

Thank you, animals, for sharing your wisdom and teaching today.


Janet Roper

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