And It Begins

5 years ago

It was the first day back to school today.

SQUEEEEE!!!  (Accompanied by much jumping up and down and wiggling.)

My daughter was waiting for me in the hallway when I came up from my shower this morning.  On any other day, at 7:30am, I would find her open-mouthed and drooling with her blanket pulled over her head, her wee body curled protectively away from the edge of her bed (and the direction from which early morning tickles might come.)  But today?  Today, she stood with her arms folded, foot tapping, the hem of her heart-printed pink nightgown tucked into the back of her panties.

"Mum!  It's the first day of school!  I have to get ready so I don't miss the bus!"


After the chorus of angels faded, I got dressed, put her breakfast on the table, and opened Shelton's door so he could work on waking up while I went to brush my teeth.


Holy shit.

Post breakfast serving, bed making, teeth brushing, face washing, snack packing, agenda signing, dishwasher loading and mitten matching, I cast a longing look at my laptop and then stood.  Arms folded.  Foot tapping.  The hem of my brown Gap t-shirt camoflaging my coffee mishap.

It's the first day of school.  You have to get out of the house so I can get to work!

Eventually, they left.  After kisses and hugs and "Have fun at school, today.  I love you!", they were all gone, and the house was so quiet.

I got to work.

This week is about familiarizing myself with my instructor, my classmates and the course material.  And getting organized.  The pretty new notebook I bought?  Awesome.  The shiny new pen?  Total shit.  I ditched it for a Halloween novelty pencil and felt my stress decrease immediately.  The web interface for my course seems fairly easy to use.  Which is a blessing.  Because getting my Kobo Vox to both accept and load pdfs of the required reading (saving the waste of 50+ pages of printing) has aged me well beyond my 34 years.  Fortunately, this dude has the wisdom.  And my husband?  He had the patience to find it.

All is right with the world, my friends.

I've got a master to-do list that I've broken down by day into a pocket agenda I use as a checklist and memory-prod.  I'll let you know in a week or so how that's working for me.  Tonight, I'm going to sit on the couch, eat some popcorn, and enjoy this bit of time before things escalate from "busy" to "totally-fucking-nuts".

I'm thinking I've got about an hour....

Happy first day of school, everyone!

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