Pinterest Pleasures: Am I Shallow?

5 years ago

Why yes, yes I am. Let me tell you why.

Menopausal depression and mood swings should be my comfortable old friends by now. Except, of course, that I hate them.

I swing from blue, to cranky, to angry, to teary, to sweet as pie, to wanting to pull my hair out, to wanting to pull YOUR hair out. I don’t even know you, you say? Doesn’t matter. I still want to snatch you bald, then hug you tightly and cry on your shoulder.

Uh-huh. You talking to me? You talking to ME?

I love you. You have sparkly eyes. May I gently pinch your cute round cheek?

Through this maze of monkey-dangling-from-a-hairy-vine-swinging-moods-of-hell has come my new drug.


I didn’t understand a thing about it—still don’t really—but last week I figured out how to “pin” items.

Oh, boy.

Learning how to pin was mildly amusing, but the morning after my first late night pinning session came the revelation.

People had seen my beginner-baby-stepping pins, and had clicked “like” or “re-pinned” them. I had the emails from Pinterest to prove it.

Oh, that’s nice, I thought. Each night since, I cruised the internet, pinned a few new items, and had a few more likes/re-pins the next day.

Huh. I really like getting likes. Re-pins, too. It feels like getting a compliment on an outfit, or a hairstyle—an unexpected but sweet little moment in the mood-swinging-pit-of-slime that is my menopause.

Not to mention that in my boring-basic-black-from-head-to-toe-wild-haired-cave-woman reality, I’m not exactly racking up the compliments on my appearance lately. I wear clothes, and I have hair, but that’s the best that can be said these days. There was quite a void to fill in the compliments-for-Melanie-department, and Pinterest is a shallow,  but fun boost. A little validation that my corny, un-cool taste, at least in “pin-ables” is shared or appreciated by another human. Or even, two humans.

Last night I pinned a 1950’s vintage dress from a cute shop on Etsy. This morning over 20 people had liked or re-pinned it, my personal best so far.

I was surprised. It felt GOOD. I smiled.

I didn’t want to slap anyone or scream expletives for at least five minutes afterwards. In fact, I wanted to gather all 20 re-pinners in a room and feed them homemade cake and coffee.

Pinterest is free, non-fattening, and makes me feel fine for five minutes? For this maniacal, menopausal mid-life woman, that’s reason enough to throw my own personal Pinterest party. Y’all can come if you like!


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