Alternative Hashtags for the Discerning Tweeter

8 years ago

In the social media system, undisclosed material relationships are considered especially heinous. In the blogosphere, the dedicated bloggers who investigate these vicious FTC infractions are members of an elite squad known as the Come on Dude, Get Real Unit. These are their hashtags.

It's been over a month since the FTC clamp down on sponsored social media, and as we blog along with and without our various Integrities, many bloggers are struggling when determining if one has a material relationship that compels disclosure. Simple adding a #client or #sponsored tag to a post or Tweet sounds easy, but it doesn't always fit or tell the whole story. Especially when the "money" of blogging is so rarely "money." Our motives can be as complicated as the original FTC ruling.

Furthermore, with sometimes as few as only 140 characters at one's disposal, it is becoming clear that a universal code is needed to more fully describe the various material relationships that motivate bloggers and lifestreamers. I'm offering up the following to serve as a sourdough starter, if you will, for the community to evolve and implement, as we go about our influential days policing ourselves like the good special unit that we are.


#:? Although I don't have a material relationship with this person/company yet, I am behaving solicitously because I really really really really hope to sign them/buy them/sell them/bed them soon.

#;} I have a material relationship with this person who is my husband, wife, significant other, hottie who buys me drinks and makes awesome pancakes.

#:> I have a material relationship with the product I mentioned because I spend a lot of my hard-earned material on it, and I want to talk about it. Okay?

#~:] RTing because this person whines like a baby when he/she doesn't receive a large dose of attention.

#:$ This is my mac daddy client. Seriously. If you steal her, I'll cut you. Back off, blogger.

#:} I have an immaterial passive-aggressive relationship with this person, and I want you to notice how freaking bizarre he/she is.

#@@ I have to RT this person because she showed me her breasts IRL thinking I wasn't joking when I said something Internet-breast related. I didn't even have any Mardi Gras beads or anything. I think I kinda said, "Wow, oh, huh?" It's so awkward now, but what else can I do?

#{} I have a material interest in my own breasts because my children drink their product.

#E:W) I have a material interest in Disney World in that I want to go: with my kids, without my kids, on my dime, on their dime, to relax, to run a marathon with princesses, to eat churros. I'll answer any questions about them because Disney is forever and I love forever and I love Disney. It's a Small World After All, Dammit! Disney, wooo!

#:! I hope to have a material interest with this person because if they pick me as a speaker, I'll get a free conference pass and maybe even a shared room at a hotel where my children's feet have never touched the bed!

#(:/) I have to retweet this person because she gives me this feeling I owe her something, and I'm not sure if it's money, or she made introductions for me, or that I forget to read her blog, but whatever it is, I need to retweet.

 #:& I have .000007 of stock in this app, but I'll never see a dime because it's almost worthless, nobody really likes it, but we do have this stock scrap, so, check it out!

#<3 I'm RTing out of love. Out of the pure love that filled the social media stream long before the FTC got involved. I just love this tweet and this tweeter. It's a pure love. Why are you so suspicious? Is it so wrong to love so freely?

#sponsor Of course I'm being paid. You don't think I really USE this shampoo, do you?

If you have encountered suspiciously material activities, either of your own or others, that you would like included in the proposed code, drop 'em here like you are going to be paid big to submit them.

Which you aren't.

Just to be clear.

This is cross-posted at Deb on the Rocks, where Deb Rox blogs all sorts of post-modern madness, free for the taking, just as free as the free bluebird of happiness once was, before he sold out to Twitter.

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