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5 years ago

In law enforcement, we run a criminal history search on all felony cases. When I see a suspect with a.k.a.’s, I know I have a shady character. Fraud cases are the most prevalent but violent suspects are also known to use multiple names. I’ve lately wondered, if I had ever committed a crime, and my rap sheet was viewed, what would it look like today?

Back when I was in seventh grade, there was a tween I worshipped. She had dark brown eyes, a thin and muscular body and a name I fell in love with. She was a gymnast, on the cheerleading squad and incredibly popular. I moved away halfway through eighth grade and never knew what happened to her. She never knew me and we never spoke.

I carried her along by signing my daughters up for gymnastic classes. Little did I know, my world would revolve around competitive gymnastics for many years, as my one daughter excelled. She (my daughter) retired from the sport at age 16, to start a part-time job in a veterinarian office, which was her dream. And my life continued...

Many people don’t know this, but I owned an independent bookstore in Phoenix for many, many years, and finally sold it in 2002. Books were my life and I knew, one day, I would be a writer. I also had one childhood dream that I never thought would be fulfilled. During my freshman year of high school, an appointment was made for me to visit my guidance counselor. The big question she asked, “What are your career goals?” This was 1975. I told her I wanted to be a police officer.

Her response, which I will never forget, “That’s not a job for women, pick something else.” So, with a broken heart, I did. As most of my readers know, I went into law enforcement at age 45. I like to describe it as a lark but it really wasn’t. It was a long forgotten dream that I needed to fulfill in my life. Two years later, I began writing. I like to say, I never look back, but I do.

I think about seventh grade and those beautiful big brown eyes that I envied. When I had to pick a pseudonym to write under (it’s frowned upon for law enforcement to write police blogs) I could only think of one name, Suzie Ivy. My eyes are blue, I have blond hair and these are the things I no longer want to change. But, I have an awesome writing name and for that, I thank the seventh grade girl who never knew me. What ever happened to the real Suzie Ivy? I don’t know but this one loves life, family, career and writing. Thank you Suzie for inspiring me, I hope your life has been as rich and fulfilled as mine!

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