The menopausal ITCH

Where to start.  Well, I'm 54 almost 55 and got thrown into menopause in 2007 via chemo.  It hit me so hard, I got knocked for a loop.  What was happening to my body?  My mind?  I mostly accept that this is where I am now. Once I started menopause and relaying symptoms to the family doc and the oncologist, I realized that I can blame anything strange happening to my mind or body on menopause.  Right?

I take Femara to keep my estrogen levels nil, because my cancer was E+ as are 80% of breast cancers are.  The oncologist said that most of these rapid aging factors are coming from taking Femara daily and once I stop, some will reverse themselves to where my body is supposed to be as a mid 50's woman.  (anyone know what that is?) 

However, what is this itch?   

There is a spot on my back, where I can't reach, that. drives. me. bonkers.  What the heck?  Last year I realized my skin was starting to age, so I gave up using my Dove bar in the shower for gold bond body wash.  It's supposed to get rid of my dry skin and the itchies, but it doesn't do well at either.  

I have 4 dedicated back scratchers.  There is one in my purse, one on my bedside table, one here next to my chair in the living room, and one that's run away, probably from overuse.  But since this itch started, some things can and have been used are forks, wooden spoons,  hangars and hair brushes.  Oh yeah, I've even used a few walls.  Scritch Scritch ahhh.  

I thought maybe I was So Allergic to metal against my skin, that maybe it was my bras that were making me itch.  The spot is exactly underneath the back closure.  So for the last few weeks, I've been wearing bra top cami's to find out if I am possibly allergic to my bra. Cami bras make me look like I have a giant uniboob so I wear baggy tee-shirts over top. Wearing a cami has it's perks though, I can easily get to the spot that itches with a tool.  But I'm too big to go bra-less out of the house so it is a never ending itch cycle.  





ps, this just a rant to make myself feel better and take my mind off.the.itch.  :)

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