All Work and No Play Makes Us Hella Boring

I realized a moment ago that our blog has become quite dry, in my opinion.
Lots of "Eat this!" "Don't eat that!" "Do this to stay healthy!" "Do that to stay happy!" fill our space, and while that's nice and all, and more is coming, of course, sometimes you've gotta balance it out with the normal, personal stuff.
Don't get me wrong - I do think that, since I've spent my entire life figuring these things out, I have a responsibility to share it, so that whoever stumbles across me and my specialties won't have to, I dunno, spent years and hours and stacks of books themselves, and can still have the same info. Call it my service to humanity or the Universe or the collective or whatever.
That said, sometimes it's nice to just relax and enjoy life - especially when the weather's getting colder, days are getting shorter (I myself witnessed a half-submerged sun at the beach two days ago at 4:57pm. Blasphemy. Then Terry reminded me that we're a month and a half away from the shortest day of the year, and my outrage lessened), and the contemplative winter is the perfect time to sit on the couch, bundled in sweats, next to your gorgeous husband who you tied a scarf on this morning for him to wear with his bathrobe and pajama pants, Sherlock Homes-style.
"All you need is a pipe", I told him.
(delightful. I love being married to a distinguished old man in a hot young man's body.)
But in all seriousness, with the upheavals going on in our country and world right now it's more important than ever to count our blessings and keep ourselves lucid. It's a sad thing that the majority of the people I see on a daily basis seem to be sleep-walking, getting through this task or that errands, thinking about things a million miles away, never actually experiencing the present moment.
And we wonder where the time goes.
That's where it goes, y'all!
As for me, I'll make a little commitment today to be present, and think of all the gifts in life I've been blessed with (pun kind of intended, there). I won't bore you with my list. I'd rather you take that 45 seconds you would spend reading it to instead create your own.
Once you do, feel free to leave a note and tell me what they are. Hearing about what makes others happy makes me happy too. So spread the joy :)

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