All Before Noon

4 years ago

I've been journaling, off and on, since about 5am this morning. I couldn't seem to turn my brain off.

I flowed from my business and personal goals in an attempt to clarify my next logical steps. At some point, a list of dos and don'ts appeared - the equivalent of living in the future and living in the past - and I was off judging every thing I'd done wrong. Most of which concerned my writing during NaBloPoMo.

I mean, it's been difficult to keep all the other balls in the air and post everyday. But, I have options, I thought. If I'd only write one or two extra posts on the days I'm not so busy, I could schedule them to post on the days I'm more busy.

The last line in my journal reads whine in your journal...not on your blog and seconds later I received the following pingback...

[...] Much Needed Advice: Not only does Sabrina, a personal and executive coach, offer “Much Needed Advice” on her blog, she always seems to know just what I need to hear. In this particular post, she writes about vision boards, and Sheryl Sandberg, and fear. More importantly, though, she writes about moving forward. Pop over, and prepare yourself to lean in. [...]

I couldn't believe it but as I was foregoing the wet noodle and heading for the stick, Mary, at Transitioning Moms, published her More Saturday Sharrrrring post, a new Saturday series that highlights some of Mary's favorite bloggers of the week, and I was on that list.

You know what else? My self-proclaimed whiney post was her favorite.

I've often said, if we want to beat up on ourselves and see all that's wrong in the world, we have to put for enormous effort. Because whether through a kind word from a stranger, a flower, cuddling from a furry friend, a surprise check in the mail or an unexpected atta girl from a new blogging friend, God is always trying to get us to see all that's right with right now.

Thank you, Mary!


I'm happy to say today has started a little slower for me than most Saturdays for the last few months. I've been working on the set of "The Productive Lie", a story about love, lies, deceit and the pursuit of a dream. (Directed by Mike Ray, written by Ray-D-Ant Productions) and, while I've had a WONDERFUL, FANTABULOUS AND FUN time working on the set of OTG (that's for you Maria :)), putting a movie together is hard work! Although, by looking at my pictures you can't tell how hard I work - LOL!

All Divas

Dime squad!

Me Camera

Obviously holding the camera for someone important

Guys in Garage

Choppin' it up with the fellas

Me door

Fame, I'm gonna live foreeeeva.....!

A rock in a hard place

Rock in a hard place

Me and Maria

Oh I'm sure you can smile harder than that!


Take 5,256!

Today, however, in addition to reporting to the set at little later, I'm attending a Fiction Workshop at The Letters Festival, led by Kim Henderson. Being that my NaNoWriMo word count is in the negative, I'm super excited to connect with my tribe.

Well, after running a few errands this morning, I pulled in my driveway, got out of my car and heard a whole lotta chatter from the trees just beyond my house. Today is a beautiful fall day so I'm sure, with the few cold mornings we've had lately, there's talk of heading to warmer climates.

A change is coming!!!! they seem to warn.

And, I agree.


SabrinaBlogs at Much Needed Advice for Women.

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