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4 years ago

Happy Monday, friends! In lieu of a traditional written-by-me article, my girl Ashlee Piper (of The Little Foxes fame) and I have cooked up a post-swap for you. You can find my contribution over here, but first, read on.

Ashlee is a Chicago-based vegan lifestyle rockstar, and I have a total blog crush on her sassiness and multi-talented self. She’s here to discuss a topic that I agree is way important but that I’ve only just begun to explore: all-natural and ethically-produced cosmetics—specifically, lip balms, glosses and the like. Like what she writes? Let her know on her Facebook page--take it away, Ashlee!



Oh, dearest good eaters and hard partiers, it is my distinct honor to be here at Eat Well. Party Hard. You see, Claire and I are doing this cool post-swap where she’s sharing her expertise in curating the most badass of playlists, while I am sharing my time-tested knowledge of cruelty-free, vegan beauty products that will make your foxy mouths sing.


Firstly, how cool is Eat Well. Party Hard? How cool is Claire? The answers to these questions are thus: VERY. There are few places in the blogosphere that will give you clean food mixed with a dirty good time, but Claire is that elusive party girl who never overdoes it. She’s not sloppy on the sidewalk in a sequined mini dress at 3am. No, no, no. Claire’s the gal who parties pleasantly, and then hangs with the band in a luxe airstream making green smoothies and chia puddings, talking about seed sprouting and favorite riffs into the wee hours. She’s like the Penny Lane of good food and good times. *Editor’s note: STOP, I’M BLUSHING.*

Who the heck is this Ashlee Piper person? Had you asked me that question a year ago, my answer would’ve been quite different. I was a government consultant for 10 years and in August of 2012, I quit that racket because I just didn’t love it anymore. I followed my passion and started a new life (at the ripe ole’ age of 31) as a writer, blogger, holistic health coach, and glamorous vegan shepherd. What the heck is that? Basically, I show people how cool being vegan is and how to pull the trigger. I run a vegan food + style blog, The Little Foxes, write for outlets like Vegucated, Ecorazzi, and Reader’s Digest, and run a holistic health and personal chef consultancy called All Is Wellness. I’ve been a cruelty-free beauty and wellness junkie since I was a pale (well, I’m still pale) 11 year old tot growing up in Dallas, Texas, making my own shampoo and stuff while other kids were out ACTUALLY HAVING FUN. 

Dumb question time: Why would you want to make your cosmetics vegan and cruelty-free? Well, for one, because even though I don’t know you (yet), I’m going to assume you don’t start out your day trying to be an a-hole. Most cosmetics companies perform gut-wrenching animal tests on dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, etc, on the regular and those animals suffer terribly. I’m a big believer in karma, and I don’t want to wear or fund that process. And, you wanna go for vegan because there is nothing sexy about slathering animal fat, marrow, urine, and other wackiness (yes, most cosmetics contain these ingredients – they just have complicated names, because putting “animal piss” on a label just doesn’t make it fly off the shelves like it used to) on your pout (or anywhere else).

I go in to more detail on how to green your routine here and what to look for when you’re aiming to get a product that is both vegan and cruelty free here (which is pretty dang easy nowadays). I also do regular Look Lists where I share my favorite products of the season. Praise be! 

Now, on to the fun stuff! I work with people who say “But I need my lipgloss!” Girl, I hear you, and I agree. I have about 22 lip products in my bag at any given time. The good news is, there are lots of great alternatives out there, so you needn’t ever be without your gloss, balm, stain, or sparkle. Just looky what Auntie Ashie has for you:


Forget that crusty Chapstick! It’s got tons of chemicals in it that actually make your lips chappier. Put something actually nourishing on your kisser! I love (1) Meow Meow Tweet’s vegan lip balms. They’re creamy-dreamy and come in natural, cool flavor combos that will get you lots of smooches ($5.95 a tube). I am also way in to (2)Hurraw, which is not only made from natural vegan goodness, but is also raw ($4.29 a tube).


I am a slave to lipstain, but Covergirl is one cruel company (along with Maybelline, L’Oreal, and all the others). Get with these goodies instead: (1) e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) makes a baller Essential Lipstain for ubercheap ($2.00 per pen) in natural colors. For a more dramatic effect, I adore (2) Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain, which can be found at Sephora. I own one in every color, but being the scarlet lip lover that I am, Flamenco is my mothership.



Lip gloss is essential. (1) Tarte’s PETA-approved Double Dose Berry Boost and Gloss gives you big shine in a nourishing formula ($10.00 per tube), while (2e.l.f.’s Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine gives you enough color options to fill every purse you’ll ever own, all at an astoundingly wallet-friendly price ($1.00 per tube). You can find Tarte at Sephora and e.l.f. at Target (they’re also having a 50% off sitewide sale now. Do it!).


Marilyn Monroe said it was one of the most essential things a woman can own. I tend to agree. And if you’re a traditional lipstick enthusiast, you’re going to love these new formulations and applications. (1) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar is consistently rated as one of the best full-pigment lip colors out there by major magazines ($18.00 per chic tube). And ya know what? It’s all vegan and cruelty-free (proudly says so right on the label), and comes in so many colors, your head will spin. (2) Lippy Girl gives you the traditional tube we’ve come to associate with glamour in a buttery, organic formulation ($15.50 per tube).


If you like this post, by golly, let me know, and visit The Little Foxes where I drop glamourpuss knowledge like this on the reg!


Ashlee Piper, MSW, HHC, AADP, is a strategist, vegan blogger, an AADP-certified holistic health coach and Ivy League/corporate suit survivor. She runs The Little Foxes and All Is Wellness. She is also a proud mom to two eccentric rescue dogs and a sucker for infomercials and Morrissey. You can follow her swearing, writing, and antics via FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram – because, clearly, she’s shy.

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