All I Want for Mother's Day

5 years ago

An ORIGINAL poem written by yours truly. Enjoy!


I work all day then come home to cook,

It’s not done yet kid… go read a book.

I clean up dinner and wash the dishes,

Trying desperately to be a good little Mrs.

I wipe down the counters and sweep up the floor

Go watch TV, quit complaining you’re bored!

I wash your clothes and dry some others,

Oh when is there rest for weary mothers?

I give you a shower then get your dessert,

Trying hard not to show that I’m going bizerk!

I make sure you wash up and brush all your teeth,

Counting down the minutes until you’re fast asleep.

I patiently listen as you do your reading,

Only a few pages stand between me and my freedom!

Then finally, “I love you, sweet dreams and goodnight”

Thank you for not putting up a bedtime fight.

Cause you see my dear child, I love you.. I do,

But I also love doing just nothing too.

The peace and the quiet at 8:30 each night,

Gives me the strength I need to love you just right.

I sometimes feel like a slave to this home,

Only wanting to scream please leave me alone!

So this year on Mother’s day I have only one wish,

Please go with Jason to a lake and catch fish.

Go fly kites, ride your bike, take a long car ride,

Leave Mom in her PJs with a bottle of wine.

Give me a few hours of peace, just me and myself,

No laundry, no dishes, no chores – nothing else!

Skip the breakfast in bed and the dinner for three,

All I want for Mother’s Day – is ME!


Always Yours, Amanda

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