I was defeated in the great cup war... aka... being dumb enough to wash a chipped cup.

6 years ago

The boys were at their Nana's, Ian was at work, room mate was asleep, and the dogs were chilling at my feet. I haven't had the house to myself in a long time. I was enjoying all my mind numbing trivial house work. One more chore for the day.....dishes. Normally I loathe doing dishes. Actually I could careless for any house work, but that is neither here nor there, it has to get done. But today I was enjoying my mindless dish washing time and the stillness of my house. When I reached for the last dish in the sink.. a blue and white damask print cup. Stuck my rag in to clean it vigorously, after all I was excited that it was the last, and pulled my hand of the hot soapy water to realized I sliced my pinky wide open.  Cursed a bit, and immediately ran it under cold water.  I thought it was little nick.. it wasn't. It was probably a forth the was through.   Needless to say the cup was chipped, and I was defeated.

Getting the stitches were fine, but O.M.G! The novocaine shot hurt like you wouldn't believe.  I actually was wishing I was in labor, because they would have given me some pain medicine to go home with.  I swear my pinky has the stitches, but it is making my elbow ache like crazy. And what is worse, is that I got it right at the base of my finger.  Every time I move my pinky, I split it open again. So, I taped my fingers together, and I am feeling a bit like the penguin from batman. So here is a pic of my evil stitches from the war of cups.

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Zoia Nusbaum




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