Ain't No Picnic

5 years ago
t really sounded like a good idea:  family vacation to Disney World!  Huzzah!  Right?  So what if the “children” are 20, 17 and 14?  Everyone would have a great time!  I planned and  organized rooms, luggage, parks, dinner shows, and activity choices from everyone (well, everyone who voiced one) incorporated into the itinerary.  Everyone seemed excited.  Grant it, some of the team members were also dealing with health issues, both physical and mental, and the young adults were just that — people with opinions, but no matter!  Well.  Here are some thoughts for your consideration should you undertake such an expedition with your family or friends:

- Know your fellow travelers preferences and respect that they will be the total opposite of your own.  For example, while some can hold their bladder like a camel, others need to stop every 90 minutes to feel comfortable.  Some team members may like to have an idea of how their day will play out, what activities, coming and going times, and the like.  Others may be *completely* frustrated that any conversation even needs to be had on such a topic as what time should we arrive at the park, what rides does everyone what to definitely hit versus would be nice or skip it.  Some may like to absorb the environment at a leisurely pace, and just be there in the moment.  Others may want to move from one setting to the next so as experience as many as possible.

- Expect that you cannot please any of the people at any time.  No matter how you try to take everyone’s preferences, hopes, dreams and expectations into consideration, people are going to have moments when they will not be happy.  Someone’s feelings will be hurt.  Some will feel they are left out or not included with the group.  Some will feel they do not fit in.  Others will feel annoyed at those who are having an issue.  Or, that they didn’t get included or thought of or the like.  As the entertainment director, this will be upsetting.  Good luck trying not to let it ruin your fun.  

- Make time to rest and relax.  Make time to be apart from the group and them from each other.  Even if this means locking yourself in your hotel bathroom for 15 minutes sporadically.  Introverts and Aspie’s require this; extroverts will go get their needs met without your assistance.  And, when someone really smart tells you to plan a day in the middle of your vacation to do nothing so folks can recuperate and recharge instead of dragging everyone on a marathon of amusement parks, fuggin’ listen to them!

I’m sure I could go on, but the bottom line is this:  traveling with people you love and vice versa ain’t no picnic.  You’d think it would be, but it ain’t.  However, there will be moments, multiple magic moments, when you will all click and laugh together and feel the bond and know that it happened just then, the reason you came on the trip in the first place.



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