After You Hit Publish: The Ultimate Blog Promotion Checklist

3 years ago

Hooray! You've published a blog post! You researched your information. You skillfully wrote your piece. You created an appropriate image to accompany your words. And you hit the "publish" button.

But your work is only half done.

Yes, it's a lot of work to get your blog posts out there, but this checklist should make the job easier. There are certain steps you must take after you publish a post in order for that blog post to truly take off!

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Post to Social Media

Social media is a great resource for getting visibility and page views! Make sure that you've set up accounts on the main social media sites.

  • Facebook - Although this is debatable these days because of the unpleasant changes within this site, you should probably have an account on Facebook. If you're going to monetize your blog at all, most companies want you to have a Facebook presence. And although you may not have many traffic referrals from Facebook, you will get some! Make sure you check out Facebook social media tips too!
  • Twitter - Because Twitter moves so quickly, you should probably schedule several tweets daily with a link to your new blog post. Creating 3 or 4 different tweets and scheduling them out during the day will bring you some traffic. I use Hootsuite to schedule out my tweets. Here are some additional best practices for Twitter.
  • Google+ - I love Google+ because everyone that follows you will see your posts and your visibility isn't limited! Posting your blog post to your public feed and to your communities (where applicable) will get you a significant amount of traffic referrals. There are lots of best practices for Google+, so be sure to learn more of those!
  • Pinterest - Pinterest is my top social media referrer. Posting to different boards daily with your posts will help you gain more exposure. And make sure the images you are posting are eye-catching, bright, clear images! There are numerous ways that you can make Pinterest work for you without you having to do much work!

Post to Groups

In almost every social media and blogging network there are groups and communities that you can be involved in. And sometimes within these groups, you can get more interaction than through your personal or regular newsfeed! Such is the case with me! I will get more +1's on Google+ and likes on Facebook in my communities and groups than I will in a week in my regular feed! So don't forget about these places to post in:

  • Communities on Google+ - You can easily join these groups, make friends with other members, and your blog gain visibility!

    • I suggest joining several different types of communities so that you'll have many categories to post in. For instance I'm a member to a mom blogging group, social media group, foodie bloggers group, link party group, etc... Pretty much any topic that you write about should also be the topic of your groups! Because these groups are topic specific, you will be unable to post in each of them every day. But if you have many different groups, you can post in at least one a day!
    • Within these communities you have the opportunities to share blogger friends' posts and +1 them! Having made a personal connection with another blogger, you are more likely to help them out via +1's or post shares.
  • Groups on Facebook - These groups are great for the same reason that Google+ communities are so wonderful! I've made some great relationships with other bloggers via Facebook groups! We end up promoting each others blog posts.

Post to Bookmarking Sites

Posting to bookmarking sites is genius! Having one of your blog pages bookmarked on certain sites is free traffic! It takes seconds to submit your page link, and then your page can be discovered well into the future. If your post is timely and interesting enough, you can get huge amounts of pageviews from a bookmarking site! Another plus to bookmarking sites is that when someone new lands on your page, there is the possibility of a new follower! Make sure you get an account with these sites:

  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Delicious

Keep an Eye on Forums

Lots of blogging networks have forums for bloggers to post in, ask questions, and make announcements. So when bloggers ask questions about how to... whatever, you can answer with a link to your blog post about... whatever! Most of the time this happens when bloggers ask technical, blogging questions. So if you're a blogger that writes about blogging, this is for you!  Forums to check out:

  • Better Blogging Network
  • SITS girls
  • Clever Girls Collective
  • BlogHer

Include Links in Your Upcoming Newsletter

Hopefully you have set up an email service for your blog. The benefits of using an email service are numerous! Anyway, after you've published your post, include it in the rough draft for your next email newsletter. You don't want to forget anything when it comes time to send your newsletter, and creating it bit by bit will help make the task feel smaller.

Did I miss something? What's on your blog promotion checklist?

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