Advice For Women Seeking Their Mr. Right...

7 years ago

One rule of thumb that I like to impart when speaking to women of adult age about finding their "soul mate", their true love, is that they have got to get in the mindset of learning how to treat dating like a business. Before you women and men get all up in arms, like my mama used to say, "You have to wade through the slushpile, to get to the cream of the crop."

I take this to mean that many hearts will be broken when it comes to relationships because we become blinded by the pomp and circumstance of being with somebody, anybody, that we tend to forget about the substance of the person we have focused our attentions upon.

The gossip segment of The View in 2008, welcomed the wisdom of a 70-something priest who because of his experiences counseling men and women, I am sure in life, relationship and such, felt it necessary to impart words of advice to women in particular about finding a good mate; a man capable to bring character to a relationship.

Women, because, face it, we tend to follow our hearts and not our heads. This priestly advice resonates in 2011, just as it did nearly 3 years ago... Have you grown in your search for Mr. Right? Well read this timely advice from a priest, a matchmaker and an advocate for women:  

#1. Never marry a man with no friends

#2. Does he use money responsibly?...Is he stingy?

#3. Steer of a guy who never makes demands counter to yours

#4. Overly attached to their mothers?

#5. Does he have a sense of humor?

#6. Is he the strong silent type...the problem character women think they can change? Does this sound familiar ladies? If I just love him enough..

Finally, women, look at the family of your presumed "Mr. Right"... My spill is, does he have morals, values, self esteem and spiritual beliefs?

I've given you more basis for find a great partner, from a man of the cloth and from myself, thank you very much. The foundation for a lasting relationship has been laid, it's up to women to fill their hearts with their everlasting true love...

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