Adding Social Media Icons and Blog Logo to Your Email Signature

3 years ago

 This is not an original idea, and to be honest, I never thought about doing it until I sent an email to another blogger asking permission to use one of her photos for one of my blog posts. When I saw her email, she had her webpage logo and the little social media icons and I was like, I have to have them. It did take me a good three weeks to get motivated to actually do it.

I'm not a lemming by any stretch of the imagination; however, I thought this would be a cool little thing to add to my signature line because you never know who may be interested in connecting with me, as well as, driving a little more traffic to my blog.

Ah where to start? Since I didn't have a clue, I went to my trusty friend Mr. Google and did a search. Okay, this confused me even more until I stumbled upon a website explaining what to do. Well, I followed the directions and it said to find a picture I wanted, then copy the URL. Sounds easy right? Let's just say it took me a while to figure that one out, which is totally strange, since people at work refer to me as Ms. Geek Squad.

I'm sure you're done with me rambling already, so here are some step-by-step directions on how to accomplish this very easy task.

Step One: Open your email settings. There should be an area, whether it's in Gmail or Yahoo Mail or whatever email provider you use called "Settings". 

Once you're in there, locate where it says "Signature" and select that option. 

Step Two: Decide on if you would like a snapshot of your website logo there. The best way to achieve this is to go to Google images and select your image. Here is the important part; the part that confused me, and perhaps it will confuse you as well. After you click on the image you will be given two options: 1) view page or 2) view image. You'll want to view image.

Step Three: Click on the picture that is under the pink arrow.

Step Four: Paste the URL that you just copied into this spot.

 Don't worry, if you did it correctly the image will appear in the box. Select OK.

 Now that was easy wasn't it?

 Step Six: Now comes the real fun in finding the social media icons you want to add. Repeat steps One through Five.

In order to give people who view your email access to your social media websites, you have to link them to the photo. Search "Twitter social media icon" or whichever one you want. Isn't this the cutest Twitter icon ever?

 Step Seven: Click the link button.

 Step Eight: Enter your URL to the desired social media website. When you're done. Click OK.

 Step Nine: Repeat all of the steps until you have successfully linked all of your social media icons. Oh and don't forget to link your blog logo and any other information you feel would be beneficial.

On a final note, if you're like me and you have several different emails all you have to do is copy and paste, this in the other emails. I really hope you found this helpful. 

If you would like to see the images associated with this,  please hop on over to my blog Polished Ways. 








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