Adapting a Dream

5 years ago
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When it comes to dreams, I have oodles. I'm full to over flowing with them, so much so that they're seeping out of my ears. 

Recently I've started working a few, but so many more have been filed away for "some day".

One of my dreams is to have an epic road trip. I want to drive across the country and set my feet in every state, seeing the vast countryside at ground level instead of 30,000 feet in the air.

I realize the hazards, much of which is boredom...long, long strips of road over flat, scenery starved terra firma. But, I want to see it all - the beautiful AND mundane.

Another dream is to attend BlogHer'13 in Chicago.  I'm going to be right up front and say that the biggest reason I want to go is to personally hug and hang out with women I've become friends with through blogging, specifically via BlogHer. Learning something new to improve my blogging is a close second.

So, when I wrote about my crazy idea to have a car company sponsor a road trip that would take me from my home in NorCal to Chicago, it was me attempting to fulfill two biggies.

And, when that same post received attention from someone that could possibly make that dream a reality, felt within reach, even if it was a remote possibly.

Another dream of mine is to find a career. I don't have a burning desire to do anything in particular. While I have a blog, I'm not sure that blogging - as a career - is my thing. Even if it were, I don't see myself making much of an income from it.

So, when a friend asked if I'd be interested in an entry level job, something to ease me back into the world of working people, how could I not jump on it?

The job sounds right up my alley. I'd also be working with someone I like, in an environment that sounds (and looks) fantastic, with a ground floor opportunity to grow and develop the job into something more. Not only that, but the business wants to immerse itself into my community through events and general involvement. What'd I tell ya - hard to ignore such an opportunity, am I right?

And here is where dreams collide.

A cross country road trip, even if I were only going so far as Chicago, would take at least 3-ish days each way. The conference, should I be accepted as a volunteer, is roughly 4 days (including training time, travel, etc). Expecting such a journey to be any shorter than 10 days is deliriously optimistic. It would be more like a full two weeks.

I don't know if the job is mine yet. I have another person to meet, someone I'd need to work closely with - so, we need to see if he'll think I'm a good fit...and, honestly...if he even likes me.  However, if this DOES come through then I need to put my dream of a road trip on the back burner. While I'm comfortable being up front with my plans to attend BlogHer'13 in July (and, it sounds as if it would be fine on their end as well), I am NOT comfortable leaving for 2 weeks after just being with the company after 4 short months.

When I started to ponder the intricacy of traveling cross country, I realized how much more would be involved. Traveling by air would be a fraction of the cost. Driving involves gas, accommodations, food - all of it adding up. And, that's just for the trip to and from. It does NOT include accommodations I'd need AT the conference.

Reality not only set it, it dug in with sharp talons! In order to afford such a trip, I'd need multiple sponsorships. Multiple sponsorships requires research, planning, calling, contacting - WORK.

All of which is a possibly.

Unless...I was working. Then, not so much.

There are people who could make this happen, but I'm not one of them. I can't manage a job and devote the hours necessary to arranging sponsorships.

And here, in the spot where dreams collide, is where they adapt.

I'm not giving up a cross country dream...nope, never. What I am doing is looking at what path will help me fulfill more of my dreams - I think a job would do that more than a road trip will. And, the epic road trip dream isn't a bust. With any luck, and careful maintenance on my part, I'll live many more happy and healthy years to fulfill this dream later on. 

I'm in limbo right now, but I'll know soon enough if they want me. I'll keep my options for soliciting sponsors open, just in case. After all, there is no limit to how often we can adapt our dreams!

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