Acts of Loving Kindness

6 years ago

Cece and Yun are thinking about kindness these days.  So many nice things happen each day that they like to take note of them so as to remember that good things do happen, and happen more often than we  take time to notice and to remember!

One evening, Yun took her sons to visit a local Chinese restaurant.  Upon finishing their meal, to Yun’s great surprise, this place only took visa and cash, and Yun only had American Express and a check!  So, Yun tried to convince her sons to stay behind while she ran to the  ATM to get some cash.  She saw it was the only option, but the boys were worried and wanted to come along.   While all this  communication is going on, the couple sitting  next to their table stood up and  smiled at the kids. A minute later,  the waitress came over and  told Yun that their bill had been paid!  “Paid? What? How?”  Yun did not believe what she heard.  The couple sitting next to them, strangers had paid for their meal.   She was in tears, and the couple was long gone.

 For many years since Yun started her single motherhood journey, her trash bin is often being moved to the street on the morning the  trash is collected.  Then it is mysteriously back to the drive way at the end of the day.  Come to think of it, it really is not that mysterious!  She knows it is the couple  that live next door.  But there is never a word exchanged, even through they visit each other often.  The kindness is so pure and so natural that words have become unnecessary.

When Cece left the house on Saturday morning to drive to Santa Fe, outside her door was a life sized replica of her big cat Jellybean made out of snow. It was about 1 foot high.  JB looks like a big polar bear and that is just what this snow bear looked like!  The little Navajo boy next door likes Cece and she him.  He likes cats but is allergic.  So, he talks to JB through the window and he also is so kind as to take Cece’s trash when he sees her carrying it down her 20 steep steps.  He is about  9 years old.  He is a little  boy with a disability.  The boy asked his mom if she could ask Cece  if  it was ok if he helped her.  WOW!  How kind.  Of course.

The drive to Santa Fe in the snow was dry and clear and so beautiful…until Cece got to the rest area.  She had to step over deep piles of snow to get to the restroom.  On her way back to the car, she hesitated… looking for the best and safest…least slippery way over the wide and high packed snow.  Just as she contemplated her route, a man appeared at her elbow helping her cross the huge pile of snow.  A Prince Charming…and then he was gone!

So, on her continuing drive up, Cece started to think, once again, about  the acts of loving kindness that had happened to she and Yun  in just a short time .  She thought about  Isaac Luria, the ancient Egyptian mystic.  He was known as Ari the Lion and lived in the 16th century.  He believed that every particle in the universe is  a shell that contains sparks of holiness that is light.  Our task according to him is to release these sparks of light and holiness into the world to illuminate the darkness.  This is done by acts of loving kindness, being in harmony with the universe and through higher awareness.  Each moment we have the potential to raise up these holy sparks.  The choices we  make,  the activities we chose,the interactions we have with families and friends and even strangers…everything in life provides opportunity.

Cece arrived in Santa Fe and was invited into a  group.  This was unexpected. She really had no idea about this group or who they were or what the group was about…but what was the topic?  Light. Illumination…. in every form across many cultures and beliefs.  People spoke.  People shared and Cece then  spoke about Isaac Luria.  A few had heard of him, but most had not.

So, it seems , the challenge to all of us is to transform the darkness within ( and we all have it) into the light that can do good in the world…for ourselves and others.  Someone at this meeting told Cece, “You know, Walt Disney ruined things for all of us. He  portrayed the idea of “Happily Ever After” in all his movies  and drilled it into  us.”    We have come to think that we must be happy and full of bliss all the time.  But we are not.  We are human and we hurt and have sorrow and pain and yes, we have joy and happiness…but life is not strictly that.

Let us take  a look and see what darkness is in us  and coax it into the beginnings of the new and  expanding  light.  After the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st and the lunar eclipse on the same day,  it will begin to  get  lighter and lighter.   Throw up a few sparks of loving kindness to help the process along!    Whether the kindnesses are  toward ourselves or is dispelling the darkness.

Tell us about the kind things that have happened to you in the last week.

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

Cece-one of The Two Whos

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