9 Bloggers Coming to A Bookstore Near You

21 days ago

Do you remember back a few years ago, when a blogger getting a book deal was pretty much unheard of, and when it did happen it was major news? Some of the most beloved books in my collection are by people whose blogs I read every day. It's no longer uncommon for me to head to the bookstore and recognize author's names from my feed reader. Bloggers getting published doesn't always make the top of the news cycle anymore, so I gathered together some blogger publishing news for you.

From where I sit in my reading chair, I see two different types of books coming from bloggers. The first is the bloggers who write well and tell us fantastic stories. Sometimes their books are based on their blogs, or maybe they write a work of fiction. Sometimes a bunch of these bloggers band together and publish a book of essays, like Sleep is For the Weak. And other times their book deals are the result of their particular brand of blogging expertise. No matter what kind of book they are publishing, we read them because they engage us, touch us and, let's be honest, annoy us (because darn it, we wish we could write like them). Let's start off by looking at some of those bloggers.

BlogHer Contributing Editor Melissa Ford announced some pretty big news in April. She sold a novel!

It's about a blogger, rebuilding her life in the year after her divorce and can be summed up with one sentence: it’s the story of a woman who stops waiting for happiness to find her and starts cooking it herself.

Melissa's turned her book news into a community event on her blog. She got her readers involved when it came to naming the book. She had a number of suggestions that were being tossed around and asked her readers to tell her what titles they loved/hated and why. Melissa's novel should be out in late 2010.

In May, Jenny, the Bloggess announced she sold a memoir. As a reflection of the work it takes to get published title title of her post says is all -- "It only took me ten years to become an overnight success."

I just sold my book. The book I've been working on for 10 years. The book that I quit my job to write. The book that still isn’t finished but that has taken every spare moment that I had and that I never talk about because I'm so afraid of someone calling me a fraud because I can't even use punctuation properly.

You can expect to see her book hit the shelves in 2012.

Contributing Editor Karen Walrond announced her book news about a year ago. In her case it's not just her words that move us, but her photography as well. Karen's book The Beauty of Difference will be released in October 2010. This is what Karen has to say about knowing that she's so close to seeing it on bookstore shelves and in her hands.

I'm really just beyond excited about this. I'm also slightly stunned: though I've been working diligently toward this goal for a while, actually seeing the book on my publisher's site makes it feel like it's actually going to happen. I can't imagine what my emotions are going to be when I finally have the finished product in my hot little hands.

I love food blogs, and my favourites are the ones that not only give me great ideas for dinner but that tell me a story, too. I've been reading Homesick Texan for years and was thrilled when it was announced that she was publishing a book. Her cookbook, which will contain photos and stories much like her blog, is expected in the fall of 2011. In true food blogger fashion she offered up her recipe for how to make a cookbook.

4. In your tiny Manhattan kitchen, you attempt to recreate your favorite Texan dishes for your New York friends as it's important that they learn the joys of your homeland's cuisine. You also buy a camera and start taking photos of food and words and such. One day, you decide to combine these two joys into a blog. You name it Homesick Texan.

Blogher Contributing Editor Susan Getgood's book deal was the result of her social media expertise. She is the author of the forthcoming Professional Blogging for Dummies. Writing a book take time, lots of time. Or as Susan put it, "I used to have a life. Now I have a book." You will find Professional Blogging for Dummies in stores this July.

In the UK, Zoe McCarthy, author of the blog My Boyfriend is a Twat got a book deal. The book, with the same name as her blog, will be:

[A] glorious celebration of living with a complete twat of a boyfriend. Sensibly categorised and filled with observations and recommendations, this is the ultimate field guide to that most irritating of the species, the Twat.

The other type of book I notice getting published by bloggers is based almost exclusively on the content of their blogs. That isn't to say that the bloggers I mentioned above don't have great content (they do), but that the books below are truly bloggy creations.

Someone sent me a link to My Mom, The Style Icon months ago and it's been living in my feed reader ever since. I love it, and I'm far from the only one. It's pictures of moms, looking utterly fantastic and words by their children sharing why they loved their mother. In an interview with the LA Timesblog author Piper Weiss credits the site's popularity with its positive message.

Part of the draw to the blog, Weiss explains, is the realization that comes in your 20s and 30s: that even though during your teenage years you wanted nothing to do with your mother, now your parents are not that bad. Actually they are kind of cool.

"It's an interesting life turning point," Weiss says.

The book is expected in 2011 and is sure to be a hit with moms.

Following the fashion trend, Jessica Schroeder's fashion blog What I Wore Tumblr blog scored her a deal. According to GalleyCat the book will be titled, Recipe for Style: A Cookbook For Your Closet, the book will be an "illustrated, practical, guide to building a wardrobe, season-by-season and day-by-day."

And finally a blog to book that is sure to be a hit at the dog park is the forthcoming one based on Hipster Puppies, also a Tumblr blog. The blog got the deal after just two months. Galley Cat caught up with author Christopher Weingarten who said:

The book came about as a part of the natural tumblr-to-book ecosystem. After the Hipster Puppies tumblr exploded in popularity, my agent, Paul Bresnick, worked a small miracle. Now I spend entire days where I do nothing but look at adorable dog photos.

Who can resist adorable dog photos? Or stylish moms? Or fantastic recipes? Or brilliant writing and insight? I can't wait to hold these books in my hands.

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