9 Apps I Can't Live Without

4 years ago
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I've admitted before I am a bit addicted to my phone. In my defense, my phone actually makes me far more efficient than before I had it. I can work from anywhere, which really is both a blessing and a curse. Nevertheless, I have some apps I absolutely love. So for this edition of Things I'm Loving, I'm focusing on the apps I'm loving right now.

In no particular order, here are my favorite apps:

  • Rhonna Designs. I love this photo app for adding fun text and graphics to photos before sharing on Instagram. My favorite was when my little Monkey got to bring the classroom stuffed animal -- Travelin' Ted -- home for the weekend. I took pics all weekend and added fun sayings and a "Travelin' Ted" text to each picture. Then I printed them all out for my little guy to take to school with him. 
  • Bloglovin'. I love that Bloglovin has an app because I can read my favorite blogs wherever I am. I often hop on there when I am waiting in line or sitting in the pick up line and read a few blog posts. 
  • 5K Runner. This is the app my oldest and I are using to train for a 5K in August. I like that the workouts are easy to follow and cue you when to run and walk. They progressively get you ready to run a 5K in 8 weeks. 
  • Word Chums. This is a fun word game, similar to Scrabble. I had a friend send me an invite to play one day, and we've been playing games ever since. It's basically a cuter version of Scrabble.  You pick a fun character to be.  With your points from playing, you can get little accessories. Right now, I'm a little puppy with a red bow and a mug of green beer. 
  • Meijer. This is the best "superstore" in our area, tons better than Walmart. They have an app where I can see the latest sale flyer and access their perks program.  I can clip coupons and earn rewards. And they just added a feature where if I put my number in at checkout, I can view my receipt right on the app. 
  • Repost. I am loving this app which allows me to repost pics from Instagram onto my own feed while still giving credit the original user. Perfect for sharing the pics people take of me or my kids, or for sharing the great pics some of my bloggy friends post.
  • Printicular. I love this app for photo printing. I can choose pictures from my camera roll, Instagram, or Facebook feed, send them directly to Walgreen's to be printed, then pick up the prints in an hour. This was perfect the day I forgot my son was "star of the week" and needed to take pictures into school. I dropped him off, chose some pics from my phone, sent them to be printed, picked them up, and dropped them off at school -- all before it was time for him to share and without access to my computer!
  • Notes. I know this is a basic app that comes preinstalled, but it is one of the most used ones on my phone.  I use the notes app to (wait for it...) take notes. Ideas I think of, bits of info I want to remember, things friends tell me as we're chatting.  Right now, I have a running note I keep blog ideas on, another with my boys' current heights and weights for when I'm out clothes shopping, a couple of books that friends have recommended, and a website with a free yoga workout that someone told me was great.
  • FaceTime. We've been using FaceTime more often than usual the last few months. With winter being so horrible, we didn't get to see my in-laws as much as usual. They would FaceTime so they could see and talk to the kids.  When my oldest had to ask people to sponsor him for a school fundraiser, I had him FaceTime some relatives so he could ask "in person" for a donation.

What are YOUR favorite apps? Tell me in the comments!