8 Tips for Starting a Christian Blog

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Starting blogs is my specialty; these tips on how to start a blog for Christians are inspired by my belief that Christian blogs are as varied as the stars in the sky! That's good news for believers :-)

If you've already started a Christian blog but don't know what to write about, read How to Know What to Blog About. If you haven't started blogging, you'll soon find that knowing what to blog about is one of the most time-consuming and important parts of being a blogger.

These tips for Christian blogs will help you overcome that hurdle - and many others. If you still have questions on how to start a blog at the end of this post, please feel free to ask me in the comments section.

10 Tips for Starting a Christian Blog

The foundation of your blog is Christ. How you honor Him, God, and the Holy Spirit in your blog is up to you - but I encourage you to start every blog post with a prayer.

"Father God, please use these tips for starting a blog to encourage and inspire Christian bloggers. May your glory and the good news of Jesus Christ increase, and may we join together to share how You have affected our lives. Amen!"

Blogging can be a spiritual act - but it's also a practical endeavor. These tips on how to start a Christian blog will help with the practical side of things - and I hope you stay connected to me, so we can encourage each other through our blogs.

1. Remember that your blog is a work in progress

I know several people who want to start Christian blogs, but they don't feel like they "know enough about blogging yet." But, the only way to learn how to start a blog is to start blogging.  

Your blog is like your faith: organic and growing. This is good, because it means you can adjust your blog's trajectory and appearance any time you like! Don't get hung up on whether you know how to start a Christian blog. Just get started! Create and grow your blog. Sure, you'll make mistakes - but it's your blog, your learning curve, and your writing journey. 

2. Schedule time to create and write for your blog

Oh, but blogging can be time-consuming - and it's not just Christian blogs that take time, effort, and prayer. Picking a theme, planning the layout, adding ads, writing blog posts, playing with the colors, adding your own logo or images, figuring out your blog's tags and categories, learning about keywords....it doesn't happen overnight. Especially if you want to make money as a Christian blogger.

I earn my living from my blogs; read How Bloggers Make Money - From Ads to eBooks to learn how. There is a difference between blogging for money and blogging as a passion.

3. Learn how to blog from other Christian bloggers

In How to Blog Your Way to a Book Deal, Allison K. Flexer shares her tips on how to start a Christian blog:

"Pick a general theme for your blog and establish your brand. Decide who you want your audience to be. For example, I started my blog with a general theme of seeking God’s grace in everyday moments. My goal was to write inspirational or devotional material to help people see God in their daily lives. That doesn’t mean I can’t post a recipe or a book review occasionally, but it’s important to stick to a main theme and brand."

What is the theme of your blog (besides "Christianity"), and who is your audience? My theme here on Squeeze Me, Jesus is practical tips and encouragement for believers who feel squeezed (stressed, overwhelmed, discouraged) by the world. If you're not sure what your theme is, read How to Know What to Blog About.

4. Think like a computer programmer

This tip on how to start a blog might surprise you - but it's super important! And practical. Left brained thinking (logical, analytical, sequential) is crucial. Every little detail counts. When I have a question or problem with my blogs, I visit the WordPress.org forums. I always see the same questions and answers over and over because we tend to overlook the details that matter SO much when you're blogging.

Starting a blog is precise work - which is why many bloggers hire web designers. If you're new to blogging, you might find it easier to hire someone to do the "behind the scenes" work for you, especially if you don't have the time or energy to do it yourself. The best Christian blogs have help from both God and professionals :-)

5. Ask Google for help 

You'll have a gazillion questions about everything from FTP to RSS - and the Christian bloggers who've gone before you had the same questions! If you purchase a theme for your WordPress.org blog, you may find your answers in that forum, comments section, or in emails from the web designer. Read or search those website support forums carefully. I've also found it helpful to simply Google my question.

6. Keep neat notes

When I started my blogs, I didn't keep notes. So far, it's not a problem because it's all fresh in my mind...but in six months when, for instance, I want to change my four 125x125 ads to a single 300x250 ad, I may be kicking myself for not leaving myself notes. Every time I upload a new plugin or do something crazy like delete all my blog tags, I (should) write everything down. The date, the action, and the results. This is one of the practical tips on how to start a Christian blog: be organized and keep good notes.

6. Get God and oxygen flowing through your brain

Starting Christian blogs seems like it should be flow because the Almighty is behind you, but it won't be all peace, love, and joy with Jesus. Creating a blog can cause frustration, anger, and sometimes even tears (though I never cried, I did yell at the cat a couple of times). When you're drowning in oceans of code and feel like you can't breathe, take a break. Step away from the computer! Talk to God. Tell Him how frustrated you feel, and how much you need Him. Say your prayers.

7. Research other Christian blogs, but don't make comparisons

There are thousands of Christian blogs, ranging from "how to write for Christians" to "inspirational Bible verses" to "tips for following Jesus." When you're starting your blog, take a peek at what other Christians are doing and saying. But, don't feel you have to measure up to what they're doing -- and don't compare yourself to other writers and bloggers! Appreciate the Christian blogs you find, learn from them, connect with them, and let go of what you don't like.

8. Learn the difference between Christian writing and blogging

When I was a new blogger, my biggest struggle was sacrificing "good Christian writing" to attract readers through search engine optimization (SEO). I wanted readers to find me via Google and other search engines, so I had to learn SEO...which I thought had nothing to do with "good" writing (and by that I mean the traditional definition for good writing, which writers use for print magazines and books). I'm learning that Christians who blog can be excellent writers in the traditional sense and employ strong SEO skills - but it's not easy. Blogging is different than traditional writing.

I welcome your thoughts on how to start a Christian blog below. If you want to share your blog - or other Christian blogs - please feel free! May God bless your blog, and inspire you to reach others through your blogging ideas.

"Never worry about numbers," said Mother Teresa. "Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."

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