6 Gift Items That Will Light Her Face Up

2 years ago
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We all love gifts. Everyday is a good day to give the woman in your life a thoughtful gift that she actually needs but does not know it. We have come up with a list of five things that any working woman needs, but hardly thinks she does.

  • A standing desk

Studies show that sitting too much is bad for your health. Prolonged standing also causes problems. The best way to work is standing up regularly! To get the right balance, you should sit 40 minutes out of every working hour, stand for 16 minutes and move around for at least 4 minutes.A Sit-Stand desk converter is the ideal gift for her if her work demands that she sit behind a desk for hours and don’t want to get rid of the existing desk.

  • Tickets To Career Conventions

Talks and conventions that grow you as a person and in your career are an important part of the journey. You could look into the ones that complement her career line and get her the tickets. She would probably love to go, but the thought of spending money on herself and her growth makes her feel selfish. Show her some support.

  • Tile-Mate

This amazing technology has you asking, “Where have you been all my life?” We all lose our car keys and phones all the time, so why not gift her title mate to help her find them before she tears her hair out? This thoughtful gift does not cost much, but it may be the best item you ever give to her.

While we are at gadgets, you could get her a Jackery Bolt too, the portable charger that fully charges an iPhone 6 three times before it runs out. This little one is an actual lifesaver.

  • Spa Items

She may be too busy with work and family to get out as much as she would like, even if for an afternoon of nothing but pampering. Why not give her the next best thing? Spa items from a top-of-the-range brand could actually last her longer than that one afternoon (no to say that it should replace it).

  • Book Supply For The Next 12 Months

If she is a reader, get her books to last her the year. She will be in tears for this thought. It would be best if you know her favorite genres, but a little mix could not hurt. Every reader needs to add something different to her palate.

  • North Face Unisex Etip Glove

Smartphones are tricky to operate with gloves on, and she would need to check on something or respond to email on the move. The tip on these gloves is sensitive to conductivity, and so she can work as she walks and still stays warm during winter.

There You Have It!

She may not think to get herself those items, but she would be surprised at how she ever did before she got them. They are small, won’t cost a fortune, but they are thoughtful. 

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