5 Ways I'm Avoiding the Dreaded Blogging Rut

3 years ago
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Blogging ruts are something every blogger faces. Whether it's lack of time, boredom, lack of creativity, a technology break or simply taking a step back and enjoying life, it will happen.

On my original blog, it happened to me often. I would post pretty consistently for about 3 weeks, then crickets for weeks. Then consistency, followed by more crickets. I usually found myself in a rut for two reasons.

  • Time – Working full time, running a photography business (also a full time job during the busy season), and attempting to have a life, can all put a damper on blogging. Other tasks get pushed to the front of the to do list and the blog takes a back seat.
  • Boredom/Lack of Creativity or Inspiration – It seemed like one month I would be inspired to just write, the next I would focus on healthy living, the one after that was all about books, and so forth. I never had a direction, and I found myself constantly bored. I would change my blog design, find myself re-inspired and start over. But because I never could find the right direction, I never really knew what to write next.

When I decided to make the leap back to blogging, I vowed that I would make the time at least once a week to publish a new post. I'm trying to avoid that dreaded blogging rut as best as I can. Here are the ways I'm doing that. Maybe some of them will even help some of you, too!

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I'm not holding myself to a schedule.

That probably sounds crazy since content calendars go hand in hand with social media and blogging, but while I'm still getting back into my groove, I'm finding that if I write when inspiration strikes and work on one post, as opposed to forcing myself to write when I'm less than inspired, I'll be more likely to publish new content.

I'm reading.

And not just books. I'm constantly reading the news, keeping my eyes on my Twitter feed, and reading new blogs. Lots of blogs. I used to read all healthy-living blogs. I still read some, mostly my favorites, but now I'm focusing on other lifestyle blogs as well as blogs that focus on the creative entrepreneur.

Not only are their posts enjoyable and inspiring, but I really find myself want to write after.

I'm learning.

I jumped into blogging without a clue of what to do. Now that I know a bit more about it, I'm reading e-books and watching webinars on how to do it better. I'm working on making my images more appealing, more pin-worthy. I'm reading up on SEO and how to use it to the best of my ability. I'm trying to absorb as much as I can to make this blog the best it can be.

I'm not focusing on the numbers.

My blog is still so new that it's discouraging to look at the blog numbers. My traffic will be decent on the day I post something, and then horrible after. Instead of getting hung up on my traffic, I'm brainstorming how to write content that will drive traffic and engage my readers, and keep them coming back.

I remind myself why I started a blog.

Why did I start a blog? To write, to share and to call a teeny little space of the internet my own. I didn't start it to become a millionaire. I didn't start it with the dream of becoming a famous blogger. I started it because I love to write. And that's what I keep telling myself when that "blogger rut" threatens.

How do you avoid the dreaded blogger rut?

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