5 ways to establish systems and routines that can make your life phenomenal

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Systems and routines are the key to a productive and well balanced life because they make doing everything easier and virtually eliminate the stress of not knowing what to do next. Physiologists say that 90 percent of our behavior is habitual. That is a big part of our lives, behaviors and thoughts. These habits are essentially systems and routines that either make your life better or worse depending on if they serve you or not. All of us have developed these habits and routines as a way of dealing with our lives. That is why we really need to be vigilant to make sure that those systems and routines work in our favor.

Look at the results that you are getting today and evaluate whether they work for you or not. Some of them will of course be great while others will be self sabotaging and will hamper you in life. You need to create systems and routines that help you create better habits in your life. These habits can be anything from not returning phone calls, being habitually late, being reactive rather than responsive or overspending. These are all things that you need to create systems and routines to manage.

Below are 5 tips that will help you to create systems and routines in your life that make your life phenomenal.

Tip number one -  Take care of your relationships with routines and habits. Take the time to set up a date night with your spouse or wake up together before the kids get up and have coffee together so you can have a cozy morning. Try going to bed early one day a week or leave notes for each other in places only you will find them. Take time each day to ask each other how you feel about the relationship and if anything needs to be changed to make it better.

Tip number two – Work it into your routine to have positive thoughts and affirmations each day. By creating an environment of positivity things will just seem to go smoother. Go to the gym each morning or take a yoga class 2 a week at the same time. When you work it into your life purposely you create a positive habit that makes it easier to feel motivated about. It is also much easier to get going so don´t delay create a system that keeps you healthy.

Tip number three- Don´t lose touch with your friends. Set up easy ways to stay in touch with your group of friends. Create a Facebook group where you plan lunches, events or outings. Create a sewing or book club where you meet to chat once a month. Send out Birthday cards automatically through a card website and set up reminders for birthdays, to call the people in your life that are important to you and to help you remember the special days in other people’s lives. They will be very impressed when you call and ask about their life, what they are planning for their child’s Birthday or a friends anniversary.

Tip number four – leave work at work and leave home at home. Create a system in your home and work life that allows you to separate yourself from one or the other depending on what you are doing.  A good trick is to imagine yourself leaving one mindset and going into another when you walk through a door frame. Door frames tend to trick your mind into thinking you are leaving one phase and going into another. You can also mentally pack away your work or home mindset before you switch rolls. Imagine yourself literally packing away work or home in a drawer or cupboard.  It will help you to focus on what you are doing and allow you to be more present.

Tip number 4 – Children love routine and that´s why you need to do your best to involve them in routines or systems  that help you to have a calmer and more productive life. When my kids were little and were at that stage when they were always changing clothes I let them choose 7 outfits that they were allowed to use during the week. They were then promptly put in a laundry basket and the child could then change to its heart’s desire and I only had a normal amount of laundry at the end of the day. I also used to buy the same type of sock in different colors for each age group in the house and then they would only need to be sorted into colors. No sorting pairs.

By learning to create systems and routines in your life you can improve your productivity and make your life much easier. It takes a little planning to begin with but in the end it is worth all the effo



Drifa Ulfarsdottir CPCP

Work Life Balance Coach for Momreneurs

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