5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures with Your iPhone

2 years ago

We have all been out, living our life, when a great moment happens and all you have to capture it is your mobile phone. Maybe your first thought was: "Wow, I wish I had my real camera."

Well, no more! As Chase Jarvis famously said: "The best camera is the one you have with you". And that includes your Android or iPhone!

Today's mobile phones have cameras that are just as good as, if not better than, some of the high end point and shoots. It's all about knowing your device and using it! So today I've got 5 quick tips to help you take better mobile photography.

1. Find the Light

All photography begins with light. Why would taking a photo with your mobile phone be any different? Mobile photography, like any other type of photography, depends upon utilizing light. Always looks for a light source (natural light is always the best), and DON'T USE YOUR FLASH! One of the best ways to get a well lit photo is to stand near a window.

2. Use Basic Rules of Composition

Every camera app on your mobile phone will include a grid that can be turned on and off. Turn it on and use the Rule of Thirds to help compose your photos.

The Rule of Thirds is the basic principle of composition that states that the most important parts of the photo (or your subject) should be placed along the gridlines and at the intersections of the grid. It creates a well balanced and more interesting photo.

Fill the Frame

You don't want to have to guess at what your subject is simply because you can't see it/them clearly. Move in but not with your camera; with your FEET. Fill your frame with your subject. Get the details. Tell the story.

4. Change Your Perspective

It's natural just to shoot straight in front of you, but try shooting from above or from below. If you are shooting your child, get down on their level to show their point of view.

5. Edit Your Photos

I am not saying add every single filter that your phone or an app has to offer, because a little goes a long way. What I am saying is that simple things such as increasing your exposure, adding a little contrast and cropping a photo can go a long way.

But if you want to get fancy, a few favorite editing apps include Afterlight, VSCOCam, Camera+, and Snapseed. Each one can help you enhance your photos or make them works of art! It's up to you!

So there you have it, five easy tips to help you take better photos with your mobile phone. Now get out there are shoot!

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