5 Tips to Help You Pin Like a Boss

3 years ago

Over the last few years since Pinterest made its first appearance in the social media world, this website has grown to be most people's favorite resource for DIY, recipes, helpful blog posts, and more! If you work it the right way, Pinterest can grow to become one of your biggest daily referrals to your blog or website, and today I want to show you how to make that happen!

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Be Pinworthy

Not all posts are going to be what most Pinterest users are looking for (DIY, recipes, advice, reviews...), but for articles and websites that are, it's important to make sure that you make whatever you have to say as pin-worthy as possible.  The best way to do this is to ensure that every post has a photo, and that photo gives people an idea of what they're going to be reading if they click the link to your blog.

For recipes, this could mean a photo of the finished product.  For how-to articles, it could be a photo with helpful text on it.  Whatever it is, give your readers something to click "Pin It" on so they can share it with their followers!

Pin Your Blog

When I say pin your blog, I mean that you should have a Pinterest board where you share all of your blog posts.  For me, that board holds the same name as my blog -- She is Fierce -- and every time I write a post, it gets shared there before anywhere else.  This ensures that even if a post doesn't necessarily fit with one of your boards, it's still posted for people to find!

Group Boards

I didn't find out about group boards until about three months ago, and I know that before I joined a few of them, I was missing out on a lot of traffic! Group Pinterest boards are places where several different people can share pins on a certain topic (blogging, recipes, fashion, cats, etc.) all to the same place, increasing your potential traffic by about a hundred-fold.

Right now, I pin to three different group boards specifically for bloggers -- two of which are "share any of your own" posts, and a third board to share anything blogging-related, whether or not it's your own post.

If you're not sure where to start to find some of these boards, this is a great resource with all kinds of topics available!


It can be pretty easy when you first start out to just share whatever you love onto one board, but that can be a big mistake if you want to drive traffic from Pinterest!  When I follow a new person or board on Pinterest, the first thing I do is look through the "archives" for things I might enjoy.

Organized boards with descriptive titles such as Blogging Tips, My Summer Closet, Desserts I Want to Try, for example, mean that your new followers are going to be able to find what they're looking for much easier, making them less likely to simply navigate away and potentially miss out on some great posts you've shared in the past!

Share the Love

For all that talk about sharing your own posts though, Pinterest is not a one-way street.  This site can be an incredible resource if you use it right, not only for your blog, but also for resources you might find helpful! Making sure you share your own work isn't the only part of Pinterest -- following and pinning others is just as important and beneficial for you and your blog.

Did I miss anything?  What would you say is necessary to succeed on Pinterest?

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