5 Things to Help Avoid Writer’s Block

a year ago
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As a writer, one of the most common issues that you can find is a lack of inspiration. It can go from day to day; a productive Monday, a desolate Tuesday. Sometimes the words just are not there to be used, to be managed effectively. It becomes increasingly frustrating, but there are some helpful aids that you can use to combat writer's block.

Here are five of the best ways to try and avoid having that block and seeing your writing fall short of the quality that you know you can produce.

1.    Speak to a friend.

One of the best ways to get your mind back on the job is to just speak to someone that you know. It might be about the writing, to gather ideas and see where you might be finding the block, or it could be something else entirely. It might be good to get the mind off the book and stop those same ideas flowing around over and over. We’re all different, but social interaction usually helps.

2.    Read some similar content.

It’s good to look at the same topic, even a fictional topic, from a new perspective. Trying to write a thriller set in Egypt but can’t get it to sound right? Then listen to some Egyptian history podcasts. You can find supplemental information online about any topic. Just delving deeper for a few minutes can help you find a new level of inspiration that otherwise you may have struggled to locate, inspiring the next piece entirely.

3.    Get outside.

A brilliant way to lift a writer’s block, though, is to try and go for a walk outside. The fresh air, the relative tranquillity and the freedom from working can make your mind find a few gaps it could not see previously. This is very useful for helping you take that all-important next step in the right direction. Now, you can hopefully find some solutions that make sense to you about your block just by being outside for a while.

4.    Have a smoke.

Do yourself a favour and invest in a vaporizer for some healthy cannabis usage. While not for everyone – and you should definitely do some serious research before starting – it can help to lift even the most strenuous of blocks. If you find that you just cannot provide any kind of meaningful commentary on a topic, try and take a look at it from a new, more relaxed dimension with the help of some a vaporizer.

5.    Engage in sport.

Phone a friend, join a team, head to the gym, even just kick a ball about in the garden. A bit of physical exercise with a competitive edge can be good for freeing the mind. You can find that your block is like a traffic jam; simply too much going on the “road” at once. Give it time to clean up and become less congested by going for an enjoyable and competitive physical exercise to relieve that tension.

Do this, and you can find yourself back to writing at your best in no time at all!