5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Literary Agent Matchmaker

The Opportunity: Agents are hungry for authors and books to represent.

The Challenge: Author only have 3 seconds to make a lasting impression on an agent.

The Truth: More than 90% of authors get rejected – not because of their project itself but because:

• they haven’t submitted to the right agent for their book
• they are submitting documents that are in the wrong format or
• what they submit is incomplete

…so they never get seen.

Here are the 5 reasons why working with a Literary Agent Matchmaker will significantly increase your chances of successfully getting published:

1) Proper Docs
- As an author, your book project and ideas need to be properly packaged using standard industry formats so agents and their screeners can quickly scan what you submit and determine whether or not it’s of interest to them. Industry standard documents include a 1-page query letter and a properly structured book proposal.

2) Proper Agents - Identifying agents who do work with your genre and category will make an author’s chance of getting picked up higher and makes the agent’s screening process easier because what’s submitted is what they asked for.

3) Proper Submission
- Submitting in the format that is requested facilitates the faster collaboration between agents and authors. For example, if the agents want everything by email without attachments, don’t send them a hard copy submission package.

4) Proper Approach - This is a business relationship, not a popularity contest. Everyone has something at stake: the author wants to be published and the agent is compensated on the resulting sales of the project. Be professional and approach this relationship the same way you would treat a marriage.

5) Proper Guidance - When rejections occur, often there is no information offered about why the project is not accepted. Most of the time, agents don’t provide detailed feedback about why the project isn’t for them. Authors are left disappointed and without direction about what to change in their submission package so the rejections continue.

The Solution:
A liaison is needed between the authors and agents. Authors are in the dark as to how to successfully find and work with agents which is why so many get rejected.  Once authors discover what is needed and determine who to submit their projects to, the result helps everyone get what they want: more successfully published authors and happier agents.

As a seasoned best-selling, award-winning author who is also a book consultant, I’ve been asked by the agenting world to create a service to help Authors and Agents work together in harmony.

I’m now offering a new Literary Agent Matchmaker service which does just that.

I was recently dubbed the “eHarmony for authors and agents.”
I guess that just sums it all up, doesn’t it?

Here's what authors receive when hiring me as your Literary Agent Matchmaker:

• Your project and documents are reviewed by a second set of professional eyes – to confirm they are ready for submission before you submit them

• Research and the identification of 3 agents in your book's proper genre

• Direct contact information of agents
• Proper submission guidelines, preferences and requirements for each agent
 • Clarification about which industry events to attend to meet & pitch agents for your book in person

Here’s why agents like this service: it makes their life and work easier so they can focus on the authors they want to work with.

To learn more about how to connect with the right literary agents with the right documents and submission processes, go to www.LiteraryAgentMatchmaker.com.

Twitter: @litmatchmaker


Jennifer S. Wilkov | Your Book Is Your Hook! | Book Consultant & Business Mentor for Authors and Writers | www.YourBookIsYourHook.com

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