5 Reasons Why I Welcome Facebook Game Requests

4 years ago

I recently viewed a status update from a Facebook friend containing the following warning: "Please stop sending me game requests. This is my last nice request. If I receive one more game request from anyone, you will promptly be deleted." Me being from the non-Facebook gaming camp, I can somewhat understand this frustration. There is nothing like waking up in the morning, with fresh morning breath and a warm cup of coffee in hand all set to open my Facebook and see who sent me notifications. Unlike my Facebook friend I am only midly disappointed when the red numbered bubble on the Push Notification is 99% game requests and 1%...well let's be honest, it's 100% game requests. Here's why: 

1) I judge the success or failure of their personal life by what level of Candy Crush they are on--I am just about to beat 75 and my husband is on 95. Clearly I am happier and far more fulfilled.
2) I feel better about myself when I have at least 1 notification when I wake up in the morning. It means that late at night or early in the morning someone was desperately seeking Candy Crush Life and they needed me.
3) I know that when "Amanda gave life..." It is always followed with "in Candy Crush" and not "to the near drowned boy at the beach" so I know I too can give life in some form or another. It's the little things that make us feel valuable.
4) when someone asks me to water their weed farm with virtual buckets of water, I feel like I can, in fact do that,  whereas in real life we all know that weed farms grow best with fresh rainwater while tucked away in the most dangerous part of Yosemite which I can't assist with, per the masked machete man.
5) sometimes people really need whatever it is they are asking for so they can stir the ground turkey on the stove and the house doesn't burn down while their kids are busy asking for water for their weed farms.

Facebook friends, you're welcome.

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