5 Reasons to Compost

5 years ago

Gardeners and sustainable activists get excited as the word composting is mentioned. This process improves the environment and your home life in many ways as this process becomes a habit.

1.Reducing greenhouse emissions

Each time your organic waste goes to the landfill, the sitting waste produces the term coined as "greenhouse" gases of methane and CO2 that are then trapped within our atmosphere, which is what has caused our climate to drastically change and for global warming to occur so rapidly.

It's been crucial spreading awareness as our greenhouse gases and the amount of waste we are producing alone as a nation is increasing.

By composting you can eliminate greenhouse gases by allowing them to compost over a period of time and planting them in your garden.

2. Building a compost bin is easy

There is nothing easier than starting a compost bin. There are many resources online that give you step-by-step instructions but there is no certain guideline to follow when making your bin.

A bin can fit in almost any space. This video gives good direction in starting an indoor composting bin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcv69QL_Ers&feature=youtube_gdata_player.

3. A colorful garden - and thicker wallets

By going to a store to buy soil such as Miracle Grow or even store-bought compost, the bills can get expensive. By making your own fertilizer, the amount of money that can be saved could amount to hundreds each year.

The guilt and buyers remorse associated with wasting fruits and veggies can be lessened by composting and reusing the uneaten food to feed your garden, making it easier for plants to get the nitrogen and essential nutrients that they need, thus increasing the expectations of your garden.

4. Social life expanded

Composting could further benefit your home life, but can also bring more benefits to your social life with many clubs and organizations to join like http://compostingcouncil.org/ or blogging communities such as http://www.diggrowcompostblog.com/ and http://www.redwormcomposting.com/.

The possibilities are endless in finding acquaintances and resources to benefit your every day life. Similar interests bring others together. You could grow new perennials as well as new friends.

5. New products create less mess and can speed up compost process

Compost has gotten a bad name for smelly food scraps and lack of cleanliness in the past but the increasing popularity of new products and innovative ideas have made compost a convenient part of every home with less mess. There is nothing easier than starting a compost habit.

The Green Cycler makes participating easier than ever before (for younger children, too!) The reasonably-priced product helps make compost up to ten times faster by chopping and shredding organic waste with one easy motion.


To order this product and get more info visit www.thegreencycler.com.

The Green Cycler

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