5 Products to Ease Your Back & Neck Pain

4 years ago

Did you know back pain is one of the most common reasons for missing work? I know there are few things that will get me away from my laptop faster than a back pain flare-up. If you or someone you care about struggles with back pain, here is the guide for you. All of these products have been road-tested by me or someone to whom I sent them.

Aromatherapy Neck, Shoulder & Back Wrap

American-Made Soothing Herbal Aromatherapy Neck, Shoulder and Back Wrap, $35

My mom bought me one of these because my neck and upper back pain gets worse when it gets cold. You throw it in the microwave and then sit around in your housedress waiting for your Sanka to brew. In all seriousness, though it doesn't go well with a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, this thing totally works and it smells good, too.

Tru-Align Body System From Kacelia

Tru-Align Body System From Kacelia, $495

I gave the sample Kacelia sent to my sister, who has suffered back pain for over a decade. Here's what she said about it: "As someone who suffers from two herniated discs and lower-back arthritis, I look this tool for home-based physical therapy. It comes with a headrest, shoulder rests, a pelvic cushion, an ankle roll, and a floor mat -- nothing heavy, which makes sense because my back already hurts, right? You position the cushions and then lay your body along these rests and allow gravity to take over. It’s simple, light, and I truly feel better afterward."

Rock Chalk & Rock Sauce

Rock Sauce, $20 & Rock Tape, $20

When I saw the Rock Chalk and Rock Sauce, I knew I would send it to BlogHer's resident marathoner, Jenna Hatfield. She said, "I sustained a back injury in 2010. Since a procedure helped heal me from my pain in 2012, I remain careful with my back--but active. I run to stay physically active and healthy.

"But on a cross-country flight during which I forgot to take some pain medicine before the flight took off, I landed in a lot of pain.

"I first used Rock Sauce and thought, 'This doesn't feel any different than any other topical treatment.' Then the ROCK part kicked in, my back 'caught on fire,' and cooled off a few minutes later. It really worked in helping get my back muscles to loosen up and calm down.

"The following week, still a bit tender, I used the RockTape on my lower back for my week of half marathon training. Due to a busy schedule, I was running back to back to back to back, 4 miles, 4 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles. I left the RockTape on for four days (it's water- and sweat-proof) and never felt a twinge of pain in my back. I'm sold. So is my husband: He just ordered some to tape his Achilles and calves.

"Tip: Take the RockTape off when you're sweaty."

Here's a video about how to use Rock Tape for lower back pain.

Sleep Number Pillow

PlushFit Choice Foam Pillow with Sleep Number Zip & Block Pillow Protecter, $150

I reviewed a Sleep Number pillow on my review blog in 2009. I know I need to replace it now, because it has become my woobie. I get upper back and neck pain from the combination of typing and an old shoulder injury, and really nothing helps it as much as supporting my neck muscles properly while I'm sleeping. I mean letting them totally relax. I'm always shocked at how I can use my neck muscles to hold my head up even when I'm sleeping, but I can. Oh, I can. I miss my pillow consultant, and I'll never get a different kind of pillow ever again.


Backjoy, $40

I reviewed tractor-seat-looking Backjoy in 2012. You sit on your Backjoy seat in your regular seat. Backjoy aligns your body so you're sitting like a baby with that ramrod-straight posture. Improved posture means happy muscles. Happy muscles mean less back pain.

Which products do you use to ease back pain?

Rita Arens is the author of the young adult novel The Obvious Game & the deputy editor of BlogHer.com. Find more at www.ritaarens.com.

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