5 Must-Read Blogs For Life After Divorce

4 years ago

Today is Ex-Spouse Day, and we’re highlighting a few of our favorite blogs that help readers go through the process of divorcing, provide helpful tips for navigating life after divorce, and maintaining the healthiest post-divorce relationships (essential when children are involved). Check them out and tell us if you have other blogs to share!

Since My Divorce

A member of the BlogHer Publishing Network, Since My Divorce aims to ease the pain and stress of divorce by providing everything from legal resources, personal testimonies, and inspiration for those working through the often difficult time. The information is well-researched and easily accessible. Since My Divorce's Mandy Walker recently launched an online divorce coaching program, My Divorce Pal, which promises to help those feeling overwhelmed by the divorce process navigate it sensibly and feel empowered doing so.

Jennifer Brandt, Divorce Attorney

Jennifer Brandt, featured on BlogHer, provides sound advice from an insider's perspective on Family Law Focus Blog, where she blogs primarily about making the most our of life after divorce by being prepared before the divorce is finalized. Her "Divorce Lawyer's Guide To Preparing For Divorce" here on BlogHer offers simple, effective tips for anyone contemplating divorce.

Co-Parenting 101

Co-Parenting 101 was created based on the idea that "divorce ends marriages, but families endure." Together, Deesha Philyaw and Michael Thomas share their personal experiences with co-parenting post-divorce and offer resources and support for all parents who want to improve their own co-parenting relationships. Candid, honest, and informative, this is definitely a must-read blog.

Divorced Girl Smiling

Who doesn't want to smile after divorce? Divorced Girl Smiling offers funny, inspirational, and heart-warming blogs on navigating divorce and living the best life one can live post-divorce. A divorced, 40+ mother of two, Jackie Pilossoph started blogging about her journey of rediscovering herself after hitting her personal "rock bottom." She finds the humor in even the hardest situations and hopes to inspire others to make the most of life's toughest circumstances.

Dating Dementia

Dating Dementia is the creation of Nancy Wurtzel, a public relations professional and creative writer, formerly based in Southern California and now happily living in her native Minnesota. Nancy left Los Angeles and moved back to Minnesota to help care for her aging mom, who had Alzheimer’s disease, and subsequently her brother-in-law. Divorced, she asks: Will I stay in Minnesota? How do I balance work, care-giving, a social life and exercise? Can I finally lose that extra 20 pounds? And, most importantly, will I ever have sex again?”

Have any other favorite blogs to to share? Please let us know in the comments!

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