5 Great Tips To Take The Best Selfies With The Man You Love

8 months ago

The world said all the bad things it could about selfies but selfies became a craze in no time at all. If there is anything that has spread in the world faster than smartphones, it has to be selfies. The love for selfies in people reached such heights that selfie sticks were invented. As simple as they look, they can be an item worth treasuring for people who like to take selfies. There is no doubt that even the people who generally don’t like the idea of taking selfies take theirs when they are alone. Some people can take the selfies even if they are at a funeral.  

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Now, with selfies come many challenges. The biggest challenge is to look beautiful and at your best. The challenge of looking beautiful becomes even more serious when you are taking the selfie with your man. If the person you are in love with is handsome looking, you as a girl cannot afford to look mediocre in a picture with him. So, when it comes to taking selfies, you must know all the amazing tips and tricks to look just as beautiful with your man in the picture as he looks in his shots. Here are some tips to help you: 

1. Know Your Best Side 

It should not be surprise for you anymore if you already take many selfies that both sides of your face are pretty different from each other. There is always one side of your face that looks more beautiful in the pictures than the other. You have to know if it’s the right side for you or the left side. When you are ready to take a picture with him, make sure you have your best side towards the camera. You might have to switch positions with him if turning the face to your best side is ruining the picture. Be prepared for this in advance so you don’t face troubles while taking the selfies.  

2. Ask Him To Get In His Best Guise  

While some guys know what features of their body and face make them look the best, others are not aware of this valuable information. Your boy might be in the habit of having a clean shave when he actually looks more dashing in a short beard style. If he has got a broad jaw, you definitely want him to have some shave on his face. If you are not sure of what beard style will suit him more and don’t want to take the risk of making him look bad, look up for some beard styles online. You will easily find some really cool beard styles for all the different looks and face types for boys.  

3. Don’t Be In The Middle 

While you should naturally be on one side of the picture when taking a selfie with him, some people can still make this mistake. Don’t try to be in the middle of the picture with your face fully facing the camera. First, make sure you have one side of your face in the picture. Second, let the background in the picture add some colors. Fresh greenery always looks in the background as well as the medium dark blues.  

4. Never Use The Flash 

No matter how much you admire the flash on your camera, never use it when it comes to taking your selfies. Almost all the smartphones have now found ingenious methods of putting a flash on their front camera. In most cases, they turn their screens fully white while taking the selfie to mimic a flash. The problem with such pictures is that they never come out to be perfect. You will always have some parts of your face fully illuminated and others in the dark. The biggest problem is with the darkness that will be almost always there in the background when you take a picture with flash. Always find well-lighted situations where the natural or artificial light (other than your camera’s flash) is available in abundance.  

5. Smile Naturally  

This is one trick that many people are not able to get even after taking thousands of their facial shots. Most people try to hide the less admirable features of their face while taking selfies. You might be trying that too by maybe clasping your lips to hide your teeth or something similar. As a result, it shows up clearly in the picture that you were trying to hide this particular flaw on your face. Secondly, most people don’t realize that a naturally smiling picture almost always comes very beautiful. Talk about something funny, smile naturally and then take the picture. You will be surprised to see how lively your picture comes.  

You will have to give the same instructions to your man while taking a selfie with him to get a perfect shot. The worst selfie you can take together is one with serious and angry faces. Keep in mind it’s a selfie that will become a part of your memory, not your passport.

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