5 Essential Lessons Bloggers Learn from Hitting the Gym

3 years ago
Pushing yourself in the gym today will lead to a major self-esteem boosting payoff tomorrow.  However, to reach your workout goals it takes consistent hard work and determination. The same can be said for the effort you’ll need to make a success of your blog. You may not realize it but you’ve already got what it takes. Here are four invaluable lessons you’ve learned about blogging just from hitting the gym.
Startup Costs Are a Necessary Evil
A quality gym will include top-of-the-line equipment, superb towel service, a full service spa, and a handsome membership fee.  For complete control over your blog’s content and design, you’ll need to purchase your domain name and create a self-hosted site. Expect this to cost you somewhere around the $100 mark. Consider it the cost for entry into the ‘serious bloggers ’club. Remember, just like with your gym fees, if you don’t use the service you’ve paid for you’re throwing money away.
Consistency is Key
In order to see real results, you know it’s imperative that you exercise regularly. Running 2 miles a day is better than running 15 miles once a week.  Likewise, readers need to know when to expect new content from your blog. Be consistent, whether that’s posting once a week or once a month. Have a new post when expected and watch your loyal readers increase.
It Helps to Have a Buddy
For those days when you don’t feel like hitting the pavement, a workout buddy can be a great motivator. Likely, you share the same goals, face the same roadblocks, and encourage each other to go farther and become stronger.  Just like a workout buddy encourages you to work past the plateaus and fatigue, joining a blogging network will give you a community to gain inspiration from, an understanding ear to hear your complaints, and a new pool of readers to tap into. Look for a network in your niche and make friends now.
You Are What You Eat
You’ve heard it said, 'you can eat your way through any workout’? It means that all of your hard work can be undone by consuming too much junk food. The comparison can also be made for the blogs you read. To improve your own content, figuratively feast on articles about blogging. Look for blogs from experienced social media experts offering tips on how to write better articles and connect with your readers. Read blogs about blogging! I can't stress that enough.
What Matters Most is that YOU Love the Way You Look
At the end of the day, what separates you from the plethora of new bloggers out there is you! Be yourself. Love what you write. Write about what interests you. Even if you're your only reader, at least you’ll have a completely satisfied audience.
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