5 Essential Items Every Women Should Carry For Self Defense

a year ago
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You don't need to be a prepper that believes the zombie apocalypse is coming to carry everyday self-defense tools. 

Let's face it, there are almost unlimited potential dangers around us. And you've probably never heard anyone say 'being prepared is a bad idea'.

Now, I'm not talking about going overboard, and certainly not being paranoid. 

But, having a few everyday tools in your bag or purse for 'just in case' situations can not only make you feel safer but provide you with just what you need in a dangerous event.

Here's a look some everyday carry self-defense items that can provide a little extra security.

Tactical Flashlight

These powerful little flashlights are great for anything from searching for your keys to walking down dark streets. Plus, they can double as a flashlight for camping or exploring the outdoors.

They are small enough to easily find room for them in your purse, yet pack a punch when you turn them on. A model with 500+ lumens of brightness will blind a would-be attacker providing you with a chance to make an escape.


Paracord is mostly known in the outdoor survival world, but it's a great item to have on hand. Originally designed for parachutes, think of it as just a ultra-strong string or rope that has many uses.

It has just as many uses as you can think of and is easy to carry around. You can wrap it, tie knots, or just roll it up into a ball. Take a look here for a huge list of ways to use and carry it.

A Whistle

An emergency whistle is small enough to fit in the smallest pockets, yet provides an attention-grabbing screech when needed. 

You'll find it useful not only emergency situations but also when you just need to signal down your friends. Just make sure not to use it in a public place if you don't actually have an emergency.

Tactical Pen

These tools double as both a writing utensil and emergency tool. Foremost they function as a pen, and secondly, they have extra features, such as a window breaking tip or attack tool in dangerous situations.

Many models feature a DNA collection mechanism that harvests DNA from an attacker were you need to use it. You can then turn this sample into the police to help identify your attacker.

Self Defense Keychain

These keychain tools are designed to look like a normal keychain, yet provide you with a sharp weapon in dangerous situations. 

The best part is that they blend in as a normal keychain, so you won't draw extra attention.

Above All, Be Prepared

Not matter how you choose to be prepared, knowing even the most basic self-defense techniques and having the right tools is a smart choice for anyone. 

After all, even if carrying a self-defense tool in your bag gives you a sense of security. That's a plus.

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