5 Easy Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

22 days ago

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to meet for coffee to help provide some guidance on her newborn blog.

“I’d be happy to meet with you, but you do realize my blog is awfully small and I’m not sure if I have a whole lot of advice worth sharing,right?” I responded.

“Oh, pu-lease.  You’ve been blogging for almost two years now; surely you know more than I do at this point.”

And, so, I packed up my laptop and drove my unworthy, inadequate-feeling self down to the coffee shop to meet my friend and, if nothing else, at least teach her how to turn off the captcha code on her blog’s “comments” section.

Over a couple cups of coffee and an orange scone, I disclosed some of the blogging "secrets" I use in my own blog. This conversation with my friend helped me recognize some of the skills acquired on my journey these past couple of years that have not only improved my personal blog but my general writing skills, as well. Here, I would like to share five (relatively) easy tips to help new bloggers build their reading audiences.

1. Write quality content. Many bloggers attempt to tackle personal and sometimes controversial issues such as politics, religion, parenting, and relationships, and there are certainly large audiences looking for fresh perspectives on these topics. However, improper grammar and sentence structure can hamper your ability to succinctly verbalize your viewpoint as well as diminish your credibility.  Before you hit “publish” make sure you take the time to read your piece with a critical eye toward its content. Check for obvious errors in spelling, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation before sending your thoughts out into the worldwide web.

2.  You possess a unique voice; make sure you use it. No one else can read your mind and write your thoughts. This is what makes your blog special. When you write, make sure you are not simply regurgitating others’ thoughts on a subject. Provide readers with your personal point of view: Why is the topic important to you? What experience do you have regarding a particular subject? Do you have a different interpretation of the events surrounding a popular issue that others need to hear about? This is what blogging is all about – offering readers a different outlook on life and providing opportunities for thoughtful dialogue and reflection.

3.  Don’t be afraid to share your writing. Social media and blogging go hand-in-hand. Create Twitter and Facebook accounts that reflect your blog’s theme. Actively utilizing social media not only helps you find other like-minded bloggers, it also provides a platform and audience for your writing.

4.  Don’t forget the three R’s: read, read, read. One of the best ways to build a loyal blog audience is to find other blogs similar to yours, read them, and leave thoughtful, topical comments. Develop a relationship with some of your favorite bloggers. This is how I built most of my blog audience. I have a core group of blogger friends who visit each others’ blogs each week and participate in an ongoing dialogue through comments on various posts. Additionally, as you read through the comments on some of your favorite blogs, pick a few that appeal to you and visit their blogs, as well. Your community will expand very quickly when you reach out and start conversations with those whose writing you admire and respect.

5.  Lastly, look for guest posting opportunities. Featuring a guest writer on your blog offers a fresh voice and different perspective to your regular readers. Conversely, writing a guest post for another blog introduces your blog to a wider audience.

Most of all, have fun with your blog. Whether your blogging goals are to make money, promote a business, keep an on-line journal for your family and friends, or flex your writing muscles in an effort to create a larger piece of literary work, blogging not only provides a valuable creative outlet but also helps you improve your communication and technology skills. As your audience grows, your interaction with your readers will also most likely increase. Embrace this natural progression and allow yourself the flexibility to change and adapt your blog to reflect your own personal growth. Over time you will be amazed by your ability to use your talent to reach others through the written word and, if desired, make an impact on the world around you.

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