5 Awesome Team Management Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

a year ago
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Unlike the times when only men were considered successful businessmen more women are grabbing the reins and starting their own businesses. The number of women-owned small businesses is growing significantly. There is no such thing as a typical woman-owned business, no more inaccurate stereotypes regarding women business. In reality, women can succeed in any kind of business.

Women entrepreneurs are starting businesses of every type and size and in every industry. It can include construction, technology, professional services, etc. Now let us agree that team management is a great part of any startup.  It may take a lot of time and effort to create a winning team. It can be even more challenging when you have to manage people older than you who have more experience. These kind of people are more likely to test you as a boss. So in order not to feel uncomfortable, you have to improve your people management skills as a leader. Let us take a look at some awesome team management tips for entrepreneurs.

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Find the right kind of  employees

The real challenge for many entrepreneurs lies in finding the right employees. You need entrepreneurial employees who have characteristics and work habits of an entrepreneur. Many giant companies achieved growth through entrepreneurs within. You should try to identify entrepreneurial employees. They basically have a few characteristics in common.

  • Entrepreneurial employees are great at dealing with risk. Try to find people who can take risks to reach a goal even if there is a lack of resources and data.
  • Important is the person’s energy. You look for result oriented people.
  • Being a true team player is also crucial. They must be able to accept new duties, perform more than one role and are open to change.

Set short-term themes and visions

You should always go for bigger goals. If not then you are likely to get stuck and do the same thing over and over again. Young entrepreneurs often take the business on a day-to-day basis. Better to start short term themes and visions for the company. Collaboration between employees working on different tasks will contribute to your success. Make sure you start with a quarterly theme and vision, which should be applied to everything you do. Everyone in the team should work towards achieving that goal.

Have an open-door policy

It is essential to have an open-door policy. You should be able to evolve as a leader. It is important to be accessible and available to your people so that they feel comfortable to visit you and ask a question or bounce an idea. A good tip is not to have favorites in the team. Even if you like someone more than others do not make it obvious. As your team will most likely have highly diverse individuals you need to identify how to use these differences to your company’s advantage. Try to be very honest with your team especially when it comes to growth planning, decision making, financials, clients, etc. By doing so, you also encourage honesty and openness in your employees.

Teach employees to never need a manager

Try to empower your employees by giving them parameters to help them do their job autonomously. A sales rep does not need a script. She must be aware what makes a product valuable to a customer, and the many ways to point out those benefits. She must be the manager of her particular task.

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Train your team

Last but not least is the importance of training your team. Many entrepreneurs have the deluded expectation that an employee should show up able to do their job. Each employee will require train up and integration time no matter how competent they are. Note that thinking about employee training cycles and growth paths really get you thinking about how to grow your company. It is always useful to gain new skills and knowledge and to refresh what you already know. Keep in mind that the more competent your employees are the faster your company is likely to grow.

In fact, as an entrepreneur woman, you should know that your people-management skills play the most crucial role when it comes to creating a winning team. Keep in mind that you are a role model for your employees. When you are running a business, you are also a leader your employees look up to. Each of the above-mentioned team-management tips emphasizes that you take the lead to set an example for your people. So just believe in yourself and go for it. We wish you good luck.




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