5 Amazing Tools Every Blogger Should Use

4 years ago
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Thinking of starting a blog? The overall concept seems simple enough. So you’re a decent writer, have some free time and want in on some of those sweet food/travel/mommy blogger perks your friends keep raving about. You’ve even committed enough to the idea to purchase a domain and start setting up your Wordpress account. Now what?

Before you start cranking out all that content you’ve been workshopping in your head, it’s best to make sure you everything you need to manage and maintain your awesome new blog. Here are five tools every new blogger needs to take on the world.

Chartbeat - $9.99 a month

Chartbeat is an essential blog analytics tool that offers users real-time data tracking and reporting. While similar to other services like the popular Google Analytics, Chartbeat holds the advantage of telling you exactly how many people are on your site, which posts have the most views, how long people are reading your articles, social curation data, etc. It even can tell you how long it takes your guests to load and download your site pages. This is very useful when optimizing your site to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

For those who want to learn insights about every nook and cranny of their blog and their target readers, Chartbeat is second to none. It even has a mobile app so you can view reader data on the go!

SugarSync - $7.49 a month

Let’s face it, managing a blog can be a bit of a mess. Unfinished article drafts, mind maps, photos, video, outlines… the list goes on. It’s important that you use a cloud storage service that works for you. SugarSync offers users an all-in-one storage backup solution that supports just about every platform, file type, and mobile device.

Heralded as one of the top cloud storage providers for personal use,   SugarSync does just about everything you’d want when storing and saving your files. You can undo “stupid mistake” file type changes, edit content in real-time on the cloud, recover deleted files, sync from your desktop or mobile phone, collaborate with other users, add security measures and more! The service offers various different tiers of storage options so make sure you choose the option that works best for you.

CoSchedule - $10.00 a month

CoSchedule is a clever blog planning tool that lets users schedule out when blog content go live via Wordpress. What separates it from other editorial calendar tools is that it integrates social media promotion features as well. Its simplified design allows bloggers to schedule out content and social updates all from one easy-to-use interface. You can even manage multiple bloggers and editors from the plugin which can come in handy for community blogs and guest posts. The CoSchedule site offers users a 14 day free-trial so feel free to try it out. 

Grammarly – 10.49 a month

With all of the excitement of Wordpress plugins, social curation tools and analytics, it can be easy to forget that a great blog ultimately stems from excellent, well-written content. Despite what you may have heard, spelling and grammar should never be overlooked when writing for the Internet.  Grammarly is a feature-rich proofreading tool that gives bloggers a more comprehensive look at their article’s grammar. With over 250 grammar rules, Grammarly will check everything from spelling to subject-verb agreements. It also crawls the Internet for plagiarism and duplicated content. If you’re planning on editing guest submitted content on your blog, Grammarly is as excellent way to QA blog articles before scheduling them for publication.

Title Generator – Free

Are you out of ideas? Every creative mind hits a wall at some point or another. Never fear however because the TweakYourBiz Blog Title Generator is here to help! As the site says, a well optimized article title can increase social shares and page views by 50 percent. Here’s how it works. First choose a topic you want to write about and then choose if the keyword is a noun or a verb and click the Submit button. Presto! Now you have hundreds of possible blog titles to choose from! While this tool is no replacement for a well-crafted original idea, it can help get you on the right path to writing that blog post title that was just on the tip of your tongue. The best part about this tool is that it’s absolutely free!

What are some of your favorite blogging tools? List some of your favorites in the comments below!

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