4 Ways the BlogHer Writing Lab Can Help You Balance Your Life

3 years ago

Sometimes it can be difficult to fit blogging into an already packed schedule. When you're short on time, it can be hard to think up blog post ideas or gather images or schedule social media promotion.

Which is why the BlogHer Writing Lab is there to help you figure out some time-saving tricks so you have time for blogging and time for everything else that has to happen during your day.

The BlogHer Writing Lab's theme this month is balance. Hopefully by the end of the month, you'll see ways to carve out time for blogging without adding to your stress levels.

Image: Yuri Samoilov via Flickr

Use the Writing Lab Prompts to Jog Your Mind

Can't think of a blog post idea? Use the daily writing prompts to have a topic in hand for any day that you have nothing you already want to write. The writing prompts tend to circle the same ideas from different angles on a weekly basis.

For instance, the first week in January will have you considering the boundaries you set around home and work, whereas the second week in January is all about how technology has added or detracted from your life.

Grab Post Ideas from the Facebook Group

The BlogHer Writing Lab's Facebook group is buzzing with activity. It's a great place to grab a blog post idea, ask blogging questions, or join together to work on a bloggy project.

Even better? People post links to their daily blog posts. Nothing triggers blog post ideas like reading other people's blog posts and using them as a jumping board.

Focus on Improving One Aspect of Your Blog

I need to declutter my house. My problem is getting started. When I think about decluttering, I think of the whole house and what needs to happen overall. And then I get tired thinking about it, and I don't take any steps to change the situation.

What would help more is if I focused on decluttering a single room, or even a single section of the room if the room itself feels too big? By breaking down a big task into smaller chunks, I give myself a starting point.

Your blog can be approached in the same manner. Instead of looking at your blog as a whole and bemoaning that it isn't where you want it to be, content-wise or traffic-wise, take one small aspect of your blog and focus on it for the month.

Maybe for January, your only goal will be to post two times per week. Maybe in February, you'll turn your eye towards traffic and work to increase your page views by 20. Small, achievable goals will help energize you so you keep taking steps forward rather than feeling discouraged before you've begun.

Plan Ahead

I publish all of the prompts at the beginning of the month in a single post, and then put these prompts one at a time in the Facebook group in the morning. You may not have time in your life for daily blogging, but you can always look ahead and prep multiple posts when you have time and then schedule them to run through the week.

For instance, maybe you have a two-hour window on Mondays when you're waiting for your kids to be done with an after-school class. Take this time to write three blog posts, publishing one on Monday, and scheduling the other two for Wednesday and Friday. In a single day, you've produced all the posts for the week.

The BlogHer Writing Lab is there to help you bring creativity into your life every day of the year, but it's especially fitting that our theme for January is balance. So join the Facebook group, use the prompts, and dive back into your blog for 2016.

Stay tuned this month in BlogHer University and join us on Fridays from 12-1 CT on Twitter with the hashtag #BlogHerU as we discuss blog/life balance.

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.

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