4 Must Have Items For Your Blogger Media Kit

5 years ago
Recently I was on the hunt for a couple stellar bloggers and was shocked by what I found.  Sure they had a bazillion Twitter followers, even more Facebook Likes and blogged for some pretty reputable brands but some lacked one crucial tool in their tool box.

Some of these bloggers had no media kit.

What is normally a simple request of send me your media kit detailing – well everything – now morphed into me having to hunt and peck for vital blogger stats …something a prospective client should never have to do.

And once I have to start doing your job for you – that’s when I call it quits and move on to the next blogger. 

So in an effort to make sure you land that next blogging gig here are four things to include in your blogger media kit.

Pretty much sums it up.  Write a little bio about yourself.  Nothing major.  A couple quick paragraphs about you, what you blog about, where ya live, your contact information, and any little personal tid-bits like oh so fab-u-luss mommy blogger Melissa Mitchel aka @SippyCupMom wrote her in media kit.

“I am the mama to a 3 year old boy who is always on the go and wife to a sports obsessed and technology guru! Rounding out our family is a fun-loving dog and a grumpy cat!”

Personally Melissa had me at grumpy cat.  I can only imagine the fun chaos in her household. 

And about section of your media kit not only allows a little bit of your personality to shine through but also your writing ability is now front and center. 

Social Media Statistics
A must for any blogger media kit is their social media street cred.  Not only should you provide your Twitter handle, but also list your number of Twitter followers and how many times you’ve been listed.  Include your number of Facebook Likes, Facebook reach, how many folks subscribe to your RSS feed, what your Alexa ranking and Klout score are, Google PageRank, and last but not least in-depth Google analytics.  It’s best to provide a three-month average of your blogs monthly unique visitors, monthly pageviews and time on site. 

I know it may look like a lot of information but it’s really essential.  Any blogger can buy a ton of Facebook Likes but if your blog has a low number of pageviews or unique visitors – this could be cause for concern.

Brands You’ve Worked With
You’ve written the about section, knocked it out of the park with some great social media stats but what brands have you worked with?  Here’s your opportunity to really toot your own horn.  Go ahead brag a little.  It’s really ok. 

Tell me what brands you worked with and any giveaways or product reviews you’ve promoted on your blog.  Are you a brand ambassador for Microsoft like Carrie McLaren with Carrie With Children?  Have any brands sponsored you to attend a social media event?  Do you guest blog for anyone?  Have you ever spoke at an event?

And a sure fire way to get a leg up on the competition is to take the time to write a social media case study of your blogging success. 

It’s one thing to say you can do XYZ for a brand and totally a different beast to have a blogger provide tangible results in the form of a well thought out social media case study detailing their blogging success stories. 

Take a peak at Magnet Social Media's case studies to see how a case study should be written. 

While talking money is usually an uncomfortable subject for folks it’s best to just get it out of the way.  Depending on what type of project a blogger is working on, you could be compensated a variety of ways.  You could offer banner advertising on your blog.  You could write a product review in return for free product or in certain circumstances actual cash payment.  You could do a product giveaway in return for getting a product to keep.  However it is you wish to be compensated here’s your opportunity to let brands know.

So that’s it.  Four quick and easy peasy sections to include in a blogger media kit to help ensure your next pitch you stand out from the competition.

BLOGGERS: Do you have a media kit? Why or why not?

BRANDS: Have you ever turned a potential blogger down for not having a media kit? Why or why not?

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