4 Humor Blogs That Will Have You Reaching For The Adult Diapers

4 years ago

As a someone who has only been blogging for 3 months, I though I would start the new year not with my own stuff, but by sharing with you some of my favorite funny blogs.  There are some themes - all are from other women (sorry guys, I'll save you for another post) and all will make you smile, laugh and at times wheeze uncontrollably with tears rolling down your face.  Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs ladies!  In no particular order:

2.)  Nucking Futs Mama - Despite the fact that her About Me page shows a photo of her looking skinny and pretty with great hair, I still like this woman.  A former English teacher, she puts her writing skills to the test (luckily for us) in this blog to address all the chaos that ensues with being mom to twins.  PTDBC loves this post: check out any of her Things I Learned This Week posts for a quick read that is sure to evoke a some laughs.  I can usually check off about 5-6 of them that sound like they are straight from my own life.

1.)  Snarky Mommy - Amy Sprenger is the author of this blog and "tells it like it is and isn't afraid to make fun of herself or her questionable parenting prowess".  Amy is a former reporter and lives in Chicago with her husband and 3 kids in Chicago " where she silently judges all the other parents".  After trolling through some truly painful blogs on a mommy blog website, Amy's blog renewed my faith that there was some good stuff out there and made me look harder.  PTDBC loves this post:  The Chocolate Story,  about how her religiously-deprived kids think the holy family's claim to fame is their appearance in a chocolate advent calendar.

3.)  The Vanilla Housewife - I found The Vanilla Housewife on Blogher.com whilst reading other blogs and commenting in an effort to draw shameless attention to my own blog.  This post is part of that same plan (evil chortle).  Jhanis is the author of this blog and describes herself as, a grunge mom, blogging from her third world kitchen (she lives in the Philippines).  She blogs because "... somebody out there is going through the same roller-coaster ride of domesticity then we can laugh about it together and not dwell on the lingering thought of jumping into the washing machine to hide."  PTDBC loves this post:  Including, But Not Limited To, Date Nights, a post where she outlines 10 ways (both useful and funny) that she resolves to be a better spouse in 2014.

4.)  My Dishwasher's Possessed - Author of this blog, Kathy Radigan, is a mom to 3 kids including a daughter who has special needs.  She also co-founded the online magazine Bonbon Break, which introduces exceptional blogs in an easy and fun format for busy women (on my to do list to check this out more closely).  My favorite fact about Kathy is that she didn't have an email address until 2010 -- how is that even possible?  It makes me like her even more though.  Here posts can be both funny and touching all in one, which makes her stand out for me.   PTDBC loves this post:  Memories Tied On The Branches Of A Christmas Tree.  Sniffle. Giggle. Smile.

Enjoy!  Please leave a comment to share your own favorite funny blog.  I will check out all the sites and 'like' the ones I agree with from my PTDBC fan page.  If you comment with one that I don't like, I will categorize you in the bad taste bucket -- but wait, you are reading my blog...hmmmmm.


Susan Maccarelli

Blogger: Pecked To Death By Chickens


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