4 To Dos for Your Next Business Trip

5 years ago

This summer I attended my first annual BlogHer conference in New York City.  I had a wonderful time and I want to share my experience with other BlogHers and thank you all for making my first BlogHer event an unbelievabe experience.  I met hundreds of amazing people, I discovered some great new products, and I learned a lot about treating my blog as a business and branding myself as a professional writer.

In the past I have attended several business conferences for my regular 9 to 5 job in personal finance, but those conferences are always very structured with a fixed schedule; I have never attended a "create your own schedule" conference like BlogHer before, and honestly I loved the experience.  I feel like I had a more personal experience based on my own preferences at BlogHer12.

I learned a lot about blogging and about branding myself at BlogHer, but I also learned a lot about attending a conference as an individual as oppose to as an employee.

Keep these 4 Tips in Mind on your next Business Trip

1. Set Personal Goals.  Why are you going to the conference or trade show and what do you want to achieve while you are there?  At BlogHer I wanted to make connections with people who could be potential resources or employers.  I also wanted to learn about branding myself and using my blog as a new business.

2. Dress Comfortably. Conferences and Trade Shows are 3-4 days of absolute chaos.  The hectic schedule is definitely worth the networking opportunities, but it’s chaos nevertheless.  The key to surviving 3 days of conference learning, smiling, hand-shaking, and note-taking is to dress comfortably.  Dress professionally, but comfortably at the same time.  Flat shoes with a nice summer dress, jeans with a blazer, or your favourite skirt with a cardigan are all professional and comfortable outfits.  Men can wear polo shirts and slacks or a darker shade of jeans.

3. Always Bring Enough Business Cards.  It was surprising to me how many people ran out of business cards by the third day of BlogHer.  When you are attending a conference or trade show you should always have tons of business cards with you at all times.  It’s better to bring too many business cards rather than not have enough to last until the end of the conference.  Always keep them close and easily accessible because you will be handing them out left and right.  After all you are at the conference to make contacts.

4. Make Some Time to Enjoy the Location. For some people the only time that they get the chance to travel throughout the year is to attend a conference or a trade show, this is why it’s important to take some time to relax and enjoy or explore the conference location.  This year BlogHer was in New York City, but next year it’s in Chicago. I am so excited to visit Chicago because I have never been and I have always wanted to go.

What is on your To Do List for BlogHer13?

Love Always,

Tahnya Kristina

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